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Adventure Palace

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Adventure Palace Review

Adventure Palace is a five-reel game developed by Microgaming. The color scheme, symbols and theme revolve around wild animals and a secluded palace in a jungle. You can bet up to five coins on each of the nine paylines, but you only need to bet on one payline in order to spin. The base jackpot isn’t as high as in some games, but the free-spin game compensates by multiplying the payout of every winning combination. Like most five-reel slot games, this one has several special symbols and features that three-reel games lack. Adventure Palace has a bonus game. This slot is best for players who prefer to win many medium-sized payouts rather than those who like to chase larger, more elusive jackpots.

Coin sizes start at 1 cent and go as high as $1. You can bet as many as 45 coins at once, with five on each of the nine paylines. The top jackpot is capped at $10,000 when you bet $45 on a spin. That said, the bonus, gamble and multiplier features significantly stack the odds in your favor.

The free-spin game is activated when you hit three, four or five jungle symbols at once. All wins pay you at three times the normal rate when you win them during free spins. In addition to the tripled wins from the free spins, you can get multipliers on your reels and take advantage of the gamble feature to win even more. The free spins can be retriggered indefinitely, meaning that you can sometimes get 50 or more free spins from one trigger bet.

Adventure Palace’s gamble feature is similar to those in other Microgaming slots. Whenever you win a combination, no matter how small it might be, you are given the option of taking a risk and multiplying your winnings. If you win, you get much more money. If you lose, you don’t get to keep your winnings from that spin. This feature is most handy when you use it on smaller prizes that have not already been multiplied by the free-spin feature or the multiplier symbols.

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Adventure Palace Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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