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Wheel of Plenty is an online casino fruit machine with a fruit and toy theme that was designed by Microgaming. The game has some features that most comparable fruit machines lack, like the options of spinning again or betting double or nothing on your spins. There is also a bonus game that gives you a chance at winning a miniature progressive jackpot that you contribute to during your play session.

You can bet a far wider spread on individual spins than on most online slot machines, making it possible to play Wheel of Plenty with a bankroll of virtually any size. Of course, everyone loves a big jackpot, and the maximum payout is capped at a cool $20,000.

Many three-reel slot machines are completely devoid of player-controlled mechanisms that affect every spin’s eventual outcome. In short, players must leave the fate of each spin in the hands of preprogrammed algorithms on each digital casino slot game. Fruit machines are different in that they allow you to optimize your play in ways that secure for you the greatest chances of success and preserve your bankroll when you make intelligent playing decisions.

Fruit machines are much like video poker in this way; bad play may hurt you more, but smart play will make you more money. Examples of such player-determined outcomes are Wheel of Plenty’s hold and nudge features that allow you to change the outcomes of very close spins. To put things in perspective, think of all the times that you have been playing on a normal online slot machine and had your spin be off by a hair. On Wheel of Plenty, each of those near misses could have been a profitable jackpot.

A wide betting spread allowance is important for any online casino game, and Wheel of Plenty is no different. Your minimum bet value for a coin is 1¢ and your maximum bet value for a coin is $10. With a maximum payout of 2,000 coins, your minimum and maximum jackpots are $200 and $20,000 respectively.

The wide betting spread means that you can approach your play with a conservative betting style and still have a chance at winning a respectable jackpot. Alternatively, you can vary your betting spread wildly and still be able to drop down to lower bets if the spins do not go your way.

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