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All Aces Poker


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Developed by Microgaming, All Aces is an online video poker game that accurately creates the classic All Aces format while also delivering an experience that is about as close as one can get to the real thing without sitting in front of an actual video poker machine at a casino or pub.

About All Aces Video Poker

The All Aces format is very similar to Bonus Poker, which differs from Jacks or Better in that it increases the value of four-of-a-kind at the cost of a lesser value for two pairs and some other combinations. All Aces differs from that by emphasizing the specific four-of-a-kind of four aces, which can pay out half what a royal flush does. The sacrifice is that two pair is only worth five coins, which is essentially breaking even.


All of the Microgaming video poker games for online play have a consistent interface and are very straightforward. Simply choose the coin size, which ranges from $0.25 to $5, and then choose the coin count, which ranges from one to five. Bets with less than five coins are not ideal, so most people will want to wager at least $1.25, which will pay out $500 on four aces.

Special Features

All Microgaming video poker machines have the same special feature: double-or-nothing. The double option is presented to you immediately after any win. If you opt in, the game deals five cards and reveals one. You then get to choose one of the facedown cards, which the game reveals. If your chosen card is higher than the first card, you double your winnings; otherwise, you lose it all. All Aces is an example of when doubling can be an effective option because you can go double-or-nothing on two pair and actually increase your odds slightly.


Despite all the focus on four aces, it is the royal flush that pays out the big jackpot: 4,000 coins on a five-coin bet. Therefore, on a max bet, the standard jackpot is $20K. Note that the theoretical jackpot is much higher because there is no limit (in game at least) to how many times you can attempt to double your winnings.

Graphics & Audio

Microgaming uses an understated design for its video poker machines that really works well. The pay table and playing cards are all easy to read, and the user interface is intuitive. The sound effects are authentic and serve as game cues, and most of the time, you will not even notice them.

Overall Impressions

With perfect play, All Aces has a house edge of just 0.08 percent, or slightly less if you double on two pairs or jacks or better, and that makes it one of our favorite online video poker plays. You might be interested in reading Jacks or Better strategy tips. For new players, the game even has a hint system that helps ensure that you do play your hands in perfect fashion.

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