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It's amazing that three reel slots still have an audience with players from the UK, given the simplicity of these games when compared with today's innovative video slots. During its early years, Microgaming put out a large group of classic fruit machine slots that drew attention without the presence of a viable theme. Win Spinner was one of those games. The game face is certainly attractive enough with a blue ocean background and money floating around, but one has to wonder how that ties to the game's title.

This is a standard fruit game. It is played with 3 reels and a single pay line. The betting range is $.10, up to a small maximum of $10.00 based on only one coin per spin. The game's largest jackpot is only $5,000, which is fairly common for Microgaming's classic slots.

What makes this game unique is it is played on two levels. In the base game, no winnings are recorded. The objective is to hit a base game symbol that earns a specified number of free spins to be used on the second screen. The number of spins earned are as follows: cherries - 1 spin, lemons - 2 spins, oranges - 3 spins, plums - 5 spins, bells - 10 spins, watermelons - 15 spins and the Win Spinner logo - 25 spins.

On the secondary screen, the player is going to find 3 reels and 5 pay lines. Once the game switches over to the second screen, the machine automatically starts using up the free spins earned. The objective is to hit one of the secondary symbols and earn the designated multiplier. These symbols and the appropriate multipliers are represented as follows: Mansion - 500X, Jet - 25X , Ferrari - 10X, Speedboat - 5X, Cash - 2X, Champagne - 1X.

Players can also make use of the nudge and hold features to try and create better results. Holds allow the player to freeze one reel and re-spin the other two while the nudges allow the player to move one reel forward one cell at a time, up to four times a spin if available.

Verdict: Despite Microgaming efforts to make this game stand out from the rest of its fruit machines, the payouts make it nothing more than a 3-reel slot game with an extra step. The two level game-play sequence might have had more meaning had it been more interactive, getting the player more involved in the game.

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