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Asian Beauty


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Asian Beauty does not only feature beautiful Japanese geishas, but it also features a very pleasant overall aesthetic for an online slot machine. Microgaming has done it again by making use of a traditional Japanese style that is combined with fabulous artwork and interesting gameplay. You know you are in for something special with Asian Beauty from the very start. Players are treated to a short introductory clip of an artist sketching four beautiful Japanese women. The sketches are then colored, and the women are transplanted into an amazing winter courtyard scene.

Asian Beauty is one of the new breed of slots by Microgaming. It has five reels with 243 paylines. However, because of the rather large amount of paylines, players are allowed to activate them all by wagering only 30 coins. The smallest coin denomination is 0.01 credits, which means it only takes 0.30 credits to play. The largest coin denomination is 0.50 credits, so the maximum jackpots are available for 15 credits per spin.

A great feature of Asian Beauty is a surprisingly limited number of symbols. This means that payouts are more frequent than in other slot games because winning combinations are easier to make with fewer symbols. Among the symbols is one wild symbol represented by the Asian Beauty logo.

The scatter symbol in the game is an embroidered box. If three or more of these symbols appear on the reels, then a free-spin bonus round with double payouts is activated. Three symbols award you 10 free spins, four symbols give you 15 free spins and you get 25 free spins with five symbols. In addition, three, four or five scatter symbols also award you a bonus multiplier on winning combinations in the regular game. The bonus multipliers are 5x for three symbols, 15x for four symbols and 100x for five symbols.

Asian Beauty also has a bonus game that is randomly activated during gameplay. In the Mirror Bonus Feature, you have 12 mirrors. Choosing a mirror reveals one of four beautiful Asian women. If you match three images of the same woman, then you win the prize multiplier associated with her. The four prize multipliers are 15x, 20x, 25x and 30x.

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