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Witches Wealth is an online slot game that has nine paylines, five reels and a special bonus game feature. Microgaming developed the game, and it has a spooky Halloween theme. Witches, cats, bats, spell books and potions are just a few of the original symbols integrated into the game’s layout and color scheme.

The game also offers an unusually high maximum jackpot for its maximum coin size; the maximum coin size is $0.25 and the maximum payout is $32,250. The game’s high bet-to-payout ratio and its simple but fun playing options make it a great game for any avid online slot game player.

Apart from activating normal winning combinations and smaller jackpots, some of the symbols in Witches Wealth also serve special functions for bonus games and features. The witch symbol serves a wild function, meaning that it can fill in for almost any other symbol, which can be very useful for completing partial combinations and otherwise close wins. The bat symbol, on the other hand, serves as a scatter symbol, giving players chances to benefit from combinations that would otherwise be too spread out to be of use. Mr. Twinkles, a blue cat, is the symbol that activates the two bonus games, The Spinning Wand and Flying Rescue.

The Spinning Wand is a bonus game that is activated when a player gets three or four Mr. Twinkles symbols at once on an activated payline. All that a player has to do to win money from The Spinning Wand is click on a wand that spins on a wheel of fortune with six options. Five of the options pay players in flat coin values that are dependent on the betting amount that triggered the bonus game.

The sixth option allows the player to go on to the next bonus game, Flying Rescue. Flying Rescue is ordinarily triggered when a player gets five of the Mr. Twinkles symbols. The game pays twice what normal spins do, and it is possible to triple one's winnings if one can buy Mr. Twinkles enough time for the witch to reach him by moving him around and avoiding falling objects.

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