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The Canadian FlagThe modern Canadian gambler has refined tastes, prefers a social atmosphere and boasts a bigger-than-average bankroll. They also represent a significant portion of the world’s online gambling population, which is why the number of online casinos catering to them is on the rise.

The term Canadian online casinos refers to those gambling sites that are based in Canada or specifically cater to the gamblers that call the country home. Each culture has its own preferences for atmosphere, games and play style. Punters will venture outside their comfort zone at times, but most will choose to spend the bulk of their time in the places that resonate with them. In an effort to meet this growing demand, Web-based casinos have sprung up that deal directly in the Canadian dollar and promote a Canuck-friendly ambiance and game library.

The History of Casino Gambling in Canada

Richard II (1367 – 1400)Despite the current vigorous growth of the industry in the country, betting and gambling houses are not new to Canada. In fact, Richard II enacted Canada’s first gambling law when he outlawed dice games from UK in the 1380s (because the archers were playing instead of practice archery). In 1892, the country outlawed all forms of betting entirely. Over the years, however, it has reversed that stance, and by the turn of the century, Canada had 60 casinos, 70 racetracks, 100 betting teletheatres and 2,000 bingo halls. Today, the country has more than 100 land-based casinos, a number that doesn’t even take into account the Indian Reserves.

The Internet Revolution

Canucks were early participants at the start of the Internet betting revolution in the 1990s. Like the U.S., the country was caught unawares by the sudden and significant popularity of Web-based offerings. Also like the Americans, the Canadians took a wait-and-see approach. When the time came to act, Canada and its provinces took very different approaches than did the USA and its states. Since the country already had some old laws on the book that technically made online play for real money illegal, it let those stand, but didn’t enforce them and simply choose to look the other way.

Present Regulations

The Canadian laws have not changed, but Web-based gambling is essentially legal now due to the precedent that has been established. This precedent began with the country’s stance on the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC), which was established in 1996. It was further cemented in the 2000s when the provinces began to open their own Internet-based casinos in order to compete with the online gambling presences from the outside. It’s interesting that the U.S. chose to meet this dilemma with regulation while Canada did so with competition. Although some would argue that Canada’s strategy wasn’t a matter of choice but rather a forced hand due to the manner in which the government chose to deal with the KGC originally.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission (logo)

The Canadian Gambler

Canadians have embraced online gambling as much as any culture has, and they’re more likely to play online than at a brick-and-mortar option. Canadian gamblers have refined tastes and a larger-than-average bankroll. They’re also very loyal, and when they find an online casino that suits them and treats them well, they tend to stick with it and invest in it. Canucks are also very aggressive but smart casino players. They favor games that have a skill element, such as blackjack, traditional poker, casino poker and video poker, and when they play slot machines, they tend to play them to maximize the payout.

Casino Preferences

Canucks prefer an online casino that appreciates Canadian sensibilities, but they don’t limit themselves to just Canadian-based or Canadian-only casinos. Most of all, they want a social atmosphere, and they gravitate toward the establishments that foster a sense of community and camaraderie. Canucks want a cashier that deals directly in their dollar, and they want a house that offers welcome bonuses, reload bonuses and a wide range of other promotions. According to statisitcs, a loyalty program that allows the client to earn VIP status, match bonuses, cash back and a wide array of other perks are also very important for Canadian players.

Most Popular Brands

A number of online casino brands do a superb job of catering to the disposition and desires of the Canadian gambler. Some of these are based in a Canadian province or Indian Reserve, but the others are located all around the world. Regardless of location, they all share an unwavering commitment to customer service, social atmosphere and game quality. Although it’s impossible to list them all, it is possible to identify the best of the best.

Royal Vegas Casino, for instance, has a Microgaming-powered gaming library with more than 500 unique games and progressive jackpots worth more than three million. JackpotCity is a well-regarded casino site known for its mega-progressive jackpots and very high RTP. Spin Palace is an international brand that has a robust promotional structure and specializes in slot machines; in fact, it boasts one of the largest selections of both video and pub-style slots on the Web.

Another popular option for Canadian players is Ruby Fortune, which is a Viper-based casino with more than 450 games, 30 blackjack variations and up to 20 video poker variations. Roxy Palace has its own mobile app, a large instant-play selection, and around-the-clock service in both English and French. Last but not least, Lucky Nugget offers an impressive payout percentage along with some of the best bonuses and promotions found anywhere.