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PokerStars Casino Makes 9 Millionaires

Published on June 29, 2018, 6:48 am

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

In 2017 PokerStars made 9 players millionaires

According to a press release on January 12th, PokerStars Casino made nine millionaires in 2017. The total jackpots for the year were over $15 million, with the largest single one of over $2.5 million. It was an impressive year for the fastest growing online gaming site and an exciting one for all those who claimed a life-changing prize.

Out of the nine millionaires, seven players made their fortune on the in-house developed slot games, Millionaires Island and Stars Mega Spin, both new to the site in 2017, and both offering progressive jackpots of over a million.

Millionaires Island was the biggest star and paid out over a million to a total of six teams throughout the year. Newly released Stars Mega Spin had its first million-dollar winner toward the end of the year, just weeks after its release. Between them, they paid $10.3 million in jackpots.

The first player to strike seven-figure gold came in late January, and the next on February 22nd. Both were Millionaires Island progressive jackpot wins. Genie Jackpots slots also paid out to make a late February double.

It was a quiet few months after that, with no millionaires made for quite a while until July brought about a double jackpot win from the Millionaires Island slot. The first, on July 7th, saw a Belarusian player (who prefers to stay anonymous) scoop $2.4 million, the biggest payout from PokerStars Casino up to that point. The second came just a couple of weeks later when “Stefblue3” won $1.3 million on the same slot game.

Millionaires Island did pay out again in November, but December was the month that stole the limelight. The final month of the year produced three new millionaires, starting with “beckskr” on December 10th, who was awarded $1.8 million playing Arcade Bomb.

Online slot game: Arcade Bomb
Online slot game: Arcade Bomb

The second millionaire in December has an even more extraordinary story. A player by the name of “aHare75” staked just 50 cents on Millionaires Island on December 26th and won a whopping $2.5+ million, setting the new record for the largest ever win on the site!

It looked like the year would draw to a close with no more major jackpots until PokerStars Casino released their Stars Mega Spin slot, their second in-house slot game development, which once again, promised a progressive jackpot of over a million dollars. Just weeks after the game was released, a player won the jackpot to start off their 2018 with $1.4 million.

PokerStars Casino is one of the largest and fastest growing online casinos in the world. The site offers hundreds of slots, table games like poker, blackjack and roulette, and an extensive choice of live-dealer casino games for players who prefer a more interactive environment. Regular promotions help to attract new players and reward existing players, offering a bit of something for everyone.

Their in-house developed slots have contributed to making the site more exciting than ever, with regular jackpots of over $1 million. Nine millionaires were made on PokerStars Casino in 2017. What will 2018-2019 bring to players?


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