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How to Keep Yourself Safe When Playing Online

Published on June 26, 2018, 2:54 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Casino enthusiasts have a wide range of choices when they play online. It's important to remember that part of the gaming fun involves awareness of online casino safety. Casino operators, advisors and professional players have collected the most useful suggestions for maximizing your casino adventure when you play games online.

This overview provides information that's appropriate for Download, Instant and Mobile Casino gaming entertainment.


Online gaming is the preferred gambling venue of hundreds of millions of players throughout the world. It's hard to remember that this popular form of entertainment dates back only 20 years to 1994 when the government of Antigua passed the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act. That Act launched online casino gambling, turning the existing world of gambling entertainment upside down.

Free Trade and Processing Zone act, 1994
Summary of The Free Trade and Processing Zone act in Antigua and Barbuda (1994) -

When the first online casino opened it gave gamers the opportunity to play their casino games for real money prizes with the click of a button. Placing deposits, collecting payouts and playing the games could all be done from the comfort of the gamer's own home.

Gaming companies started to locate their businesses in Antigua in order to take advantage of the new technology. These companies started to create prototypes of the most popular casino games for presentation on early online casino platforms. The instant popularity of the online platform surprised everyone. It became clear that gamers liked to enjoy gaming entertainment without ever leaving their living room armchair.

In the succeeding years online casino gambling grew and it became clear that the industry needed more structure.

Online casinos differed widely from one to the other in terms of technical amenities, quality and quantity of games, adherence to norms of online banking safety and privacy issues and more. To help the situation stabilize, monitoring agencies were established to give players security and peace of mind.

There are many things that you can do to ensure that you will experience online casino safety when you play online.


When you play at the online casino you have access to a wide variety of games. These games include slots, card games, variety games and table games. Some casinos also offer specialty games. Most online casinos have a Free Mode where you can play for free.

As long as you haven't entered any payment information, your banking isn't an issue but once you start to make deposits and play for real money you need to ascertain that the casino is certified by a monitoring organization. There are several recognized regulatory agencies and some casinos are monitored by more than one organization.

eCOGRA’s eGAP dispute form
eCOGRA’s eGAP dispute form (
  • eCOGRA is the e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance Agency, a recognized player protection and standards agency that monitors eCOGRA-affiliated casinos on a regular basis to assure compliance with the accepted framework for operational practices at online casino sites. When an online casino agrees to operate under the auspices of eCOGRA, it agrees to submit to eCOGRA's arbitration decisions in any case of casino-player dispute. eCOGRA emphasizes responsible gaming for all gamers and enforces licensing requirements for both PC and mobile gaming activities. eCOGRA monitors and reviews online and mobile casino sites on a regular basis. Look for the eCOGRA seal of approval which you can find at the bottom of an eCOGRA-approved casino's website.
  • The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is an independent, regulatory body that operates as an arm of the government of Malta. A high percentage of online games produced today come from Malta. The MGA exercises a high degree of authority in supervising casinos which carry its seal, either because the games that the casino uses are produced in Malta or the casino itself operates out of Malta.
  • Additional regulatory agencies include the Alderney Gambling Control Commission for casinos that operate out of Alderney, the Lotteries & Gaming Authority of Malta for casinos that operate out of Malta, the UK Gambling Commission for casinos that operate in the UK, the Directorate of Offshore Gaming for casinos operating out of Antigua & Barbuda, the Curaçao Internet Gaming Association for casinos that operate from Curacao and the Gambling Supervision Commission of the Isle of Man for casinos that operate from the Isle of Man.

Gaming Commission

It's important to keep an eye on your country/state/province's gaming commission. Each of these gaming commissions has a website where they post lists of gaming sites that operate in a way that concerns them. The commissions track casinos that are suspected of engaging in questionable or unethical practices. These may involve concerns about a casino's paytables or suspicious about unbalanced random number generators. Many of these sites also publicize users' complaints and ongoing investigations. You can also ask questions on the commission's Contact Page.


  1. Don't download casino apps via a third party site. Meaning, don't click on a link that's embedded in an email – even if it's from someone that you know or even if it seems to come from the casino itself. The email might be a scam or the link might download a virus into your computer. Download any casino software right from the casino's URL.
  1. Log out of your casino account if you're playing on a public site or on a device that others use.

Download software with caution


Take care when transferring funds to and from your casino account. In order to play for real money prizes you must link your casino account to an online bank – a credit or debit card, an ewallet or evoucher or a bank that transfers funds via wire transfer.

That enables your casino deposits to be transferred through the ebank right into your casino account. Your winning payouts will be withdrawn from your casino account and deposited back into your ebank account.

Your funds will be secured via the ebanks' encryption codes that protect users' financial information and identities. The online banks interface with secure data centers that protect user data via high-tech firewalls.

How do you know if the ebanks are secure? The ebanking institution should display a seal that certifies that it is authorized by a Financial Regulatory Agency such as the United Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Problem Gaming

Most people are able to integrate their gaming activities into their entertainment budget. If you see that you are playing obsessively you should use the assistance that the casino offers for compulsive gambling behavior

You might find yourself gambling above your budgeted bankroll or you may discover that it's hard for you to impose limits on your gaming activities. If you see that your casino activities are interfering with your daily life or that you're using household money with which to play you should address the issue.

Find the casino's policies for addressing these issues and take the assistance that's offered for problem gambling behaviors. You should have access to an active and responsive support line so you can request "time-outs." Request a self-imposed "time out" exclusionary period which will give you time to can regroup and proceed in a calmer and more responsible state of mind.

Take basic precautions to get the most out of your gambling adventure.


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