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September 28, 2020

4 things about casino gambling you may not know about

Casino is just a modern name synonymous for gambling, an activity that goes back to ancient times. The history of gambling and particularly Casino is very interesting. United States in fact has had difficult times to decide whether or not to allow legal gambling. Nowadays, gambling has become much easier with the booming network of casino industries. People from all over the world can now play online casino very easily and win real money. Whether you’re an avid player or just curious to know more about gambling, we present to you 4 interesting facts about casino which you probably didn’t knew about.

  1. Origin of Casino

The word Casinò has been derived from an Italian word Casa (house)
The word Casinò has been derived from an Italian word Casa (house)

The birth place of casino houses is not known; gambling has always remained an important realm of different civilizations throughout the world. Although gambling activities have always remained throughout the history, the origin of casino is perhaps really interesting.

The word “Casinò” has been derived from an Italian word “Casa” which means a gaming house. Since there was not much to do in olden times to pass time, people invented certain games, all of which were hosted in gaming houses. These dwellings were solely meant for leisure activities and gambling was an inherent part.

A casino was not just limited to playing games and gambling in general, it was considered a place to host any fun activity. At first gambling was for leisure, it was in the later years that casino earned a bad reputation.

  1. Famous Gambling Houses throughout History

European gambling houses were quite active in the olden times. But when gambling hit America, the situation changed over night. People became professional gamblers and the craze for gambling was extreme so much that people used to gamble legitimately. With the growing fame of gaming in cities and towns, people started using bars, brothels and saloons for the gaming activities. With the gambling came uncertainty and an assured loss of wealth, in fact, there were very less chances of people winning.

Once government realized that gambling is causing poverty, it was banned in most of the places. In fact people of Monaco were not allowed to gamble. Why? Gambling was prohibited by the Prince of Monaco to ensure that the people don’t go poor. In America, the casino houses earned really bad reputation – it was associated with outlaws, prostitution and other crimes. However, later on a few states allowed gambling. The famous gambling cities of America are Las Vegas, Palm Springs (CA), Atlantic City (NJ), New Orleans and Reno in Nevada.

  1. Casino games: Math & probability

French mathematician Blaise Pascal (1623 – 1662)
French mathematician Blaise Pascal (1623 – 1662)

In early days, people were under impression that gambling was solely dependent on a person’s luck. That’s entirely not true. Most of the casino games were developed by mathematicians and can be won by people who understand the concept of probabilities. Roulette, a classic casino game was developed by Blaise Pascal. The game of Bingo can be won in whooping 44 million ways – that’s all probability. Similarly all other games such as Baccarat, Wheel of Fortune, Slots, Black Jack to name a few are based on the principals of mathematics.

21 is a movie based on gambling in which MIT Blackjack Team, a team of mathematical geniuses go to Las Vegas to attempt winning huge money. The fact that all people on the team were engineers and were very much clear with mathematics, winning was not that big deal. However, in real world a majority of people still rely on their lucks to win, while many others play just for the sake of fun. Math or no math – people continue gambling.

  1. Gambling: a serious addiction

Addiction is a serious problem and when it comes to gambling, it is the brain that is prone to get addicted. Like any other addiction problem, gambling also poses serious risk to one’s personal life, family, relationships and even financial stability. There’s a significant majority of people who are addicted to casino games and can’t control their urge to play. Some like the thrill that comes with playing, while others love the idea of winning money. Whatever the reason maybe, people can’t get enough of casinos.

Gambling is often accompanied with depression, impulsiveness and other anxieties. In fact, there are anonymous groups that support and sponsor gambling addicts. People also try self-help techniques and sometimes seek for help from professional therapists to manage their addiction.

Casinos are undoubtedly the most fun place to spend money and seek thrill. With a little control and experience in playing, people can avoid financial loss. Gambling is and will most likely remain a high-stake activity. So, these were a few interesting facts about Casino that have changed the course of this amazing addiction over the years.

Author: Jeff Grant (info)


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