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Review of Amsterdam Masterplan online slot

Published on December 4, 2015, 6:48 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Sheriff Gaming casino software

When it comes to playing slot machines, nothing beats the fun of having 5 reel slots for spin. For most of the avid slot players, Amsterdam Masterplan is a sure shot win and an extolled option that suffices the gaming needs. Amsterdam Masterplan comes from the house of Sheriff Gaming casino software, which is widely known for making highly advanced 3D slot game machines. Let’s keep it rolling and understand all the aspects of this famous slot game.

Amsterdam Masterplan: A game with perfect backstory

If you thought that Amsterdam Masterplan is an average game with a bogus back story, then let us remind you that it is one of the few games which comes with an actual setup (although not real, but realistic enough to understand). Set across Amsterdam, the slot game is all about three characters who stir up a plan for robbery. But how would a slot machine depict or conduct robbery? That’s where all the mastermind planning goes. The player requires to bring all three characters together and make them conduct their heist plan in a casino. If the characters succeed, the player wins. But that’s where all the mystery and fun lies – you don’t know how the slot will work.

What’s the catch?

The 5 reel slot game in Amsterdam Masterplan features the 3 characters, i.e. tech guy, inside guy and clever guy as the prominent symbols on slot. Apart from these 3, there are many other symbols that are responsible for changing the course of your game session. Primarily played online, a player can play the game for money in real time. This doubles up the fun of being able to play online casino games right from the comfort of the home for actual money. The online playing feature thus makes it even more easy and interesting for players from all over the world to play for real.

The Amsterdam Masterplan - free spins
The Amsterdam Masterplan - free spins session

Amsterdam Masterplan Features

  1. Available for playing online in real time, with exciting graphics & easy UI that involves betting and playing for money.
  1. 20 Paylines; each payline require to be put on bet. The minimum bet starts from $0.01 and can go up to $1.
  1. Symbols such as blackjack table, an enormous safe and a speed boat out of many others play an important part in deciding the winning amount for the player.
  1. A player with the highest stake can win a maximum jackpot amount of $40,000. The payout for the winning amount is guaranteed.
  1. There are two spin options; spin and auto spin. Auto spin feature lets the player to spin the slot for a specific number of times continuously.
  1. Once the player gets “spin” symbol in the fifth reel, the player gets entitled for the bonus round, i.e. the Wheel of Fortune.
The Amsterdam Masterplan - bonus round
The Amsterdam Masterplan - bonus round session

There are many more interesting features incorporated in the game that provides the player with many chances to get the winning combinations. Although the slot games don’t offer guaranteed win, if you’re lucky enough you can get the highest payable symbols on the reel in a row to win the maximum jackpot amount.

So, if you’re a casino fanatic and want to try your luck in this amazing 5 reel slot online game by Sheriff Gaming, then try it here for free!


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