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7 Tips for a Memorable Casino Date

Published on December 6, 2016, 7:48 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Is your special someone bringing you to the casino for a special date? Or perhaps you're going on a blind date there? If your answer to any of these questions is a yes, read on to find out what you can do to make sure that it will be a meaningful and memorable casino date.

1. Your first task is to check if the casino has a dress code

To make sure that you and your date won't be turned away by the casino guards, contact the establishment and try to find out if they have a strict dress code (read here how to have a perfect dress code before entering a casino). Even if you and your date will be spending most of the night at the restaurant or the bar, you still have to follow the casino's rules.

If you cannot get any information about the dress code, go for the safest alternative. Wear your little black dress. An LBD is just the right kind of casual sprinkled with a dash of style and sophistication. You won't be over or underdressed; only elegant and classy.

2. Next on your list: learn a game or two that you can play at the casino

Since you are already there, expect to spend some time on the slot machines and at the tables. So if you have no idea what Blackjack and Poker are all about, find time to learn them. You do not have to master them; you only need to learn enough so that you can play with your date when he asks you to. Aside from Blackjack and poker, you'll also have to learn all that you can about roulette, baccarat, and other games. This will be useful in case your date decides to play on different tables.

You can learn and practice playing these games online for free on many reputable sites.

3. Ask your date if you will be going somewhere else after the casino

If your date is planning to go somewhere else after spending time with you at the casino, you have to know in advance. This will help you prepare, particularly regarding your outfit. If he plans to bring you somewhere outside, where the breeze is cool, do not forget to bring a jacket, coat, or shawl.

4. Ask your date if you will be dining at the casino

While the casino is primarily for gambling, most have restaurants and bars, where guests can relax and enjoy good food and drinks. Ask your date whether you will be eating at the café or not. If you are not, eat at home right before leaving for the date. If you are, find a way to know what kind of dishes the casino restaurant serves.

5. Be ready to play the role of a cheerleader

You need to be ready and willing to play the cheerleader role in case your date decides to have fun at the gambling tables. You can choose to play with him, but only if he asks you to. Since you already know the basics of each game, it will be easy for you to play your role because you understand what's happening in front of you. This is one way of impressing your date.

6. Wear a lot of confidence

Even if it is your first time inside a casino, show people how confident you are. This will not only help you feel good, but it will also help you easily connect with your date. Whether you are doing the rounds of the gambling tables or enjoying drinks at the bar, exuding the right amount of confidence will help make your date extra special and memorable.

7. Remember the following

Before heading out to meet your date at the casino, you need to keep several things in mind –

- Casinos are not bad places, so do not talk to your date as if you entered the gates of hell once you stepped inside the casino. Instead, talk about casinos as a means of entertainment. This will please not only your date but the people around you as well.

- Casinos are for everyone. No one is barred from entering the casino; unless of course, you owe the establishment some money after setting straight losses.

- Casinos are, in general, elegant places, so you are required to dress and act accordingly. Respect the people around you even when they start winning and becoming a bit noisy.

These are just some of the things you need to consider if you want a memorable casino date. Apart from all these, the most important thing to remember when out on casino date is to have fun and enjoy – enjoy the place and the company of your date.                            


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