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Some tips on how to dress before entering a casino

Published on December 1, 2016, 7:03 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Casino dress code (comic vignette)

If you haven't been inside a real casino yet, chances are your idea of what it looks like is confined to what you see in the movies. So when somebody invites you to meet him at a casino, you'll probably look for a glitzy gown to wear or dress down in your favorite shorts and sweats. While the majority of casinos do not have a dress code, there is an unspoken rule for visitors and players to dress presentably.

Whether you're going to a casino to play or to meet someone special, it is important to create a look that spells confidence. This will make you feel good and, if you're hitting some tables for some gambling fun, it might even bring you some good luck.

But if you really want to learn how to dress up properly for a night at the casino, here are some suggestions you should check out.

Glitz and Glamour

Being glitzy and glamorous does not have to mean dressing up in sparkling gowns and wearing six-inch heels. You can channel all the glitz and glamor you want by wearing a little black dress paired with sexy heels (does not have to be 6-inches high or a stiletto!). It all depends on how you carry yourself. If you don't have an LBD, you can go for a sequin dress or put on a pair of black dress pants and a metallic red top.

Be sure that the shoes you are wearing are comfortable. Remember, there might be times when you will need to stand up some time. Additionally, decide whether you'll go for an open-toe shoes or pumps. And then, of course, do not forget to accessorize. If your overall look is metallic, choose accessories that will complement it.

For their part, men can be all glamorous even without all the metallic sparkles. Put on your favorite pair of black or gray dressy pants (not jeans, please!) and pair this with a blue or red top. Choose a variety of tops in different colors, so you can determine which one look best with your dressy pants. Finish your look with a good pair of dark-colored shoes (black works best all the time).

Sophisticated But Stylish

If you like to be a little low key, wear something sophisticated but stylish. For example, women can dress up in pencil skirts, which are the ultimate symbol of sophistication and style. Since your top is a choice between black and gray, go for tops that are more colorful. Collared sleeveless blouses or turtleneck tops will also do the trick. Wear simple black heels, hook on some earrings or put on your favorite necklace as accessories.

Men who wear trousers in dark colors, dress shoes in black or brown, and collared or button-down shirts are the epitome of style and class. A semi-formal blazer can be worn over the shirt, although it's not really required. Color coordination is important; from the top down to the pair of shoes.


Not all casinos require its customers to dress up in fancy outfits. So, it is all right if you want to dress down a little and wear your most casual outfits. Women can wear a sleeveless or strapless dress paired with a jacket (cotton or denim will do). No need to wear heeled shoes; simply go for flat shoes (Mary Janes or ballet shoes will do). Go for more colors for the casual look, but make sure that each outfit piece complements the others. For example, if your sleeveless dress is floral and colorful, wear flat shoes that come in neutral colors.

Men's casual outfits include Khaki pants or cargo pants, button-down shirt in cotton or any other light fabric and simple small prints, and loafers or boat shoes. Men should avoid wearing floral shirts, especially the Hawaiian-inspired ones.

Simple Elegance

If you prefer the simple but elegant look, completely dress down and wear your good old favorite jeans. Women should pair this off with a printed or plain t-shirt. Printed ones should not be too loud. Men can wear a round or V-neck shirt with their jeans. To complete the look, both men and women casino player should wear a jacket over their shirts. Long-haired women should simply let their hair fall over the shoulder to create a relaxed look.

Going to the casino is not like attending New York Fashion Week, but it does need a little grooming and prepping on your part. Of course, you can't get in wearing flip-flops and short shorts, but you don't have to wear formal gowns either. Consider the suggestions mentioned above, so you won't have to worry about what to wear the next time you step inside a casino.


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