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April 2018 - What happened in the gambling industry

Published on April 24, 2018, 12:06 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

The most exciting thing about the online gambling industry is that in addition to the entertaining games, the daily happenings are usually a spectacle to behold themselves. It does not matter whether you play the games or not. Once you access these online platforms, it is very likely that you will forget what boredom feels like, even if for a little while.

Events unfold every now and then and you really have no excuse as to why you should not keep yourself updated. This is not even a hard task given the number of channels through which you can access all the gambling information you need. In the past week, the gambling gurus out there have been busy making headlines and we are here to ensure that you don’t miss in the fun.

Ancient cheating dice discovered

If you have been looking for off-the-books tricks for beating casinos, then you might be glad to hear that cheating in gambling is not a new phenomenon in the industry. Although online gambling requires a lot of skill and mastery of the game in order to cheat, many people still manage to beat the systems and get away with it. Recently, it came to the attention of some researchers that the cheating practice is as old as gambling itself. This is especially after one peculiar dice was discovered recently during excavations in Bergen, Norway.

Archeologist Ingrid Rekkavik
Archeologist Ingrid Rekkavik during excavations in Bergen, Norway (photo by Marita Aarekol)

Estimated to be more than 600 years old, it is believed that this dice was used to dupe fellow gamblers while playing, given the fact that it has two sets of 4 and 5. According to archeologist Ingrid Rekkavik, this dice was used to play a certain game by the name "Passe-Dix" whose aim was to achieve a total of 10 after rolling a dice thrice. Well, to be honest, it is quite comforting to hear that founding fathers of gambling also tried to cheat their way to winning, isn’t it? At least we are not alone in this!

The relationship between LeoVegas AB and Swedish open expanded

LeoVegas AB has agreed to serve as a ‘principal partner' during the celebrated tennis tournament this summer. You might not have come across the name LeoVegas AB but you certainly know some of its domains in gambling. From its base in Stockholm, the operator runs,,,,, and

As a gambler, it is quite fulfilling to know that the money you lost is being put to good use right? The CEO of LeoVegas, Gustaf Hagman said that the aim of this sponsor partnership is to increase the profits as well as publicize what they have been offering. The Chief Marketing Officer, Louis Nylen, on the other hand, believes that the move would bolster the position of the company in sports and particularly tennis.

Latest tips

Well, with the increasing number of games and online gambling sites, then it is only right that each tries its best not to lose grip on its market share. As a result, gamblers are being subjected to crazy offers and it is your responsibility to ensure that you get the most out of these promotions. For instance, Tombola Bingo has recently raised its bonus on first deposit to a magnificent 200%. This means that if you make a deposit of £25, you are entitled to free £50. Your success in gambling depends on various factors but the most important of them all is your ability to take advantage of the various bonuses and promotions that the various betting sites offer. This is one of the few tips that are usually 100% effective.

Malta Gaming Authority sends 5 online gambling companies packing

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) does not disappoint when it comes to making headlines. Yet again, the agency was in the news due to a report published in Malta Today newspaper that 5 gambling companies will no longer be allowed to operate in their jurisdiction. This is as a result of investigations by the regulator on organized crime links particularly regarding the issue of money laundering.

The gangster Benedetto Bacchi
Game Over operation - The gangster Benedetto Bacchi aka 'betting king' during his arrest

According to the report published in the newspaper, this is part of a wider scheme in Palermo (Italy), the Game Over operation, which has led to several arrests by anti-mafia enforcement agencies. However, there was only one license suspension and 1 cancellation. The other three companies, which are allegedly Italian, terminated their licenses voluntarily.

The license suspended belonged to Phoenix online and it is set to be revoked once the required process is completed. LB Casino, the parent company of Leaderbet was the only victim of cancellation. It has since been included in the investigations of Italian Game Over and it is now licensed in Curacao to continue with its normal operations.

The companies that voluntarily lay down their tools include Potterbet, Operators, and Giodani which are operated by Potterbet Mrc Ltd, Betent Group Ltd, and Giodani Ltd respectively. Joseph Gushieri, the MGA chief, said through the newspaper that they will duly collaborate with all the enforcement organizations that are legitimate in order to free gaming from the grasp of crime. To aid in the investigations, there has been several checks on money laundering as well as independent audits.


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