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Arlene Brock Joins the Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission

Published on October 14, 2015, 1:52 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Arlene Brock - Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission
Arlene Brock, new Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission’s General Counsel

On October 1, Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission’s Executive Director, Richard Schuetz, proclaimed that Ms. Arlene Brock will soon be a part of the Commission. She would immediately start her work as Commission’s General Counsel.

According to a spokesperson, the First Ombudsman for Bermuda was Ms. Brock who served in the title for a notable eight and a half years. In her service, she discovered that the Institution was a rational and reliable voice for the Island’s administrative justice. She even stood apart as a leader in the global Ombudsman program.

Not only did she lead the Bermuda office, but acted as the Caribbean & Latin America’s Director and Vice President at the International Ombudsman Institute. She also acted as the International Training Committee’s chairperson at the Institute.

Ms. Brock has earlier served as the Harvard Negotiation Project’s Mediator/Trainer for Conflict Management Inc. Also, she has worked in the United Nations Center for Human Rights’ New York Office, while serving in different revered positions with the public, private, educational, and administrative-judicial areas of Bermuda.

In addition, Ms. Brock is renowned as a speaker across the world on varied topics like Good Government, Women’s Rights, The Role of the Ombudsman, Transparency, and Human Rights. Some of her articles have even gained space in different publications.

Ms. Brock did her Bachelor of Arts from Montreal, Quebec’s McGill University, and got specialization in Political Science and Economics. From the York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto, Ontario, she got Juris Doctor, which was followed by her Master in Laws which she received from Harvard University.

The story does not end here. Ms. Brock has been the first person ever to be recognized as a Fulbright Visiting Scholar by a UK Overseas Territory. She acted as a member of Bermuda’s Standing Committee on Judicial and Legal Services. Bermuda Butterfield Bank and Electric Light Co., Ltd. also had her as a Corporate Board Member, while she served in varied other distinctions too.

On the occasion of her joining the Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission, Mr. Richard Schuetz, who has been appointed recently as Executive Director of the Commission, affirmed that the Commission’s Chairman Dunch along with other members suggested him to assemble the most sharp-witted individuals for assistance in launch of inspected casinos in Bermuda. The inclusion of Ms. Brock in the team was a clear hint that they were on the right path.

Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission’s Executive Director, Richard Schuetz
Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission’s Executive Director, Richard Schuetz

According to him, Ms. Brock would be a vital part who would help in ensuring that all activities operate in the most effective manner when it comes to integrity or ethics. She would further help in ascertaining that the Island’s tourism profile is improved by the casino experience while investment and Bermudian employment get a boost.

The Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission has Chairman Alan Dunch, Garry Madeiros as Deputy Chairman, with various members like Mr. Dennis Tucker, Ms. Judith Hall-Bean, and Mr. Derek Ramm. The Gaming Act of 2014 which has been framed to boost investment and employment with casino development is to be executed by the Commission.

Ms. Brock affirmed that she looked forward to playing her role in the Commission to achieve the goal of launching Bermuda casino gaming while adopting the best practices.


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