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Beating the Odds at Online Casinos

Published on January 23, 2017, 2:32 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

While lady luck is going to play a major role in whether you win or lose at an online casino, there are a few ways in which you can crank up your chances of winning in the online gaming world. It will be an ever so slight increase in your chances of winning, but it is all going to stack up!

Choosing the Right Slot Machine

Many people who are getting started in online gambling will opt for slot machines. All of the best gambling sites will offer a whole host of them to choose from. However, it is important that you choose the right slot to play on. Well, at least if you want to have a decent chance of winning. These tips should help you out:

  • The lower the maximum jackpot on the slot, the greater the odds tend to be. Many people will veer toward online progressive slots. The allure of gaining millions of pounds on a single spin is tempting, but be realistic. The chances of you winning those millions are incredibly slim. You will also be sacrificing the opportunity to win some of the smaller jackpots along the way. Not a good route to go down!
  • Three-reel slot machines tend to have better odds than five reel slot machines. However, there are fewer paylines that you can win on. Sadly, the idea of a ‘three reel’ slot machine seems to be something confined to history. Not many of them are coming out right now, which is a massive shame.
  • Always check the potential odds on a slot machine before you play it, or at least the ‘Return to Player’ (RTP). The better the odds, the more likely you are to win on that slot. The RTP is not necessarily a good metric to follow as it does not necessarily mean that you are going to have a higher chance of winning. Say, if the slot has a RTP of 96%. You then bet £100. This does not mean that you are going to get £96 back. That £96 may go to other players. So, odds are the first thing you should pay attention to.

Play Games with the Best Odds of Winning

Many people are tempted by ‘big odds’ when they bet. Let’s take roulette for example (we are going to assume that you are playing European roulette). Let’s look at three separate bets:

  • Betting on Black. The odds are 2/1. The probability is 48.6%.
  • Betting on two numbers. Odds are 17/1. Probability is 5.4%.
  • Betting on a single number. The odds are 35/1. The probability is 2.7%.
European Roulette (online roulette with live dealer)
European Roulette (online roulette with live dealer)

The thing is, people will opt to bet on a single number, or maybe a combination of numbers, because they think this is where they can make the serious money. It is, to some extent. However, you will be putting down a whole heap of cash on that roulette wheel before you get that ‘big win’. This means that you are going to make a loss. However, if you bet on black, the chances of you winning are higher. Far higher. You will be winning less cash, but if lady luck goes your way, you won’t be losing much of it.

So, if you want to stay and have fun on the tables for longer, then always go for the better odds. Your balance will go up slower, but without taking major risks, you won’t be losing huge sums of cash! Remember; this advice applies to all games, whether it is a slot, roulette, blackjack, or something completely different.

Focus on one or two games

If you are looking to win ‘big’, then you do not want to take the scattergun approach to how you play. You should be focusing on a couple of games at the most. This will allow you to understand how everything works. It will also allow you to devise various strategies that you can use.

Sure, betting strategies are not a 100% guaranteed way to win, but they can certainly push the odds in your favor. We want to refer to roulette again here. There is one strategy known as the ‘Martingale Strategy’. This technique will, in most cases, ensure that you do not make massive losses on the roulette table. Providing you are not dealing with a major losing streak, then you should end up breaking even. In some cases, you may even end up making a small profit! This is a strategy that you can even apply to sport betting.

Remember; everything about online casinos is completely random. You must realize this. There is no way to change the odds of winning drastically. Don’t ever let somebody tell you that there is. A small increase in your wins, yes. Guaranteed wins every time, no chance. See ever spin of that reel, every hand you play, and every feature that pops up on your favorite slot as a new chance to win. Just make sure you do not ‘over gamble’.


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