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What are online casino cashback bonuses?

Published on April 4, 2018, 9:40 am

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Free spins and cash match bonuses tend to dominate the most online casino bonus strategies, but a growing number of sites, like play ojo, are now adding regular cashback rewards to their itinerary. For some players, it’s about time. Although traditional bonuses have their benefits, they are often tempered by the complicating presence of various, limiting terms and conditions. Cashback can be a much cleaner reward. Plus, it also provides something of a fillip when the reels, wheels or cards aren’t turning in your favourite.

How Cashback Bonus work?

Cashback bonuses are awarded to players to compensate them for losses incurred during a gaming session. You might consider them to be insurance policies that provide you with a return against a bad run of luck.

ojo casino cashback explained
The simple cashback bonus scheme running on OJO casino

The amount of money you receive back will vary from casino to casino and offer to offer. However, some online casinos have introduced policies whereby they will provide you with cash back on each and every bet you make. Some will even let you accumulate cashback against successful bets as well as losses these days.

How Does Cashback Bonuses Work?

Although the detail of every cashback bonus is different, the overarching principle is always the same. You will receive a percentage of the amount you either lose or stake when playing a casino game. The casino will fix the percentage from the outset, and its size will probably depend on the nature and duration of the promotion. An example will explain it best.

Let’s say a casino promotes a cashback scheme that offers you 5% cashback against any losses occurred across a weekend’s play. You deposit £100 and initially hit a lucky run, winning an additional £50. At these stages, you won’t have accrued any cashback because you’re up. However, if you keep playing and lose the £50 winnings as well as £50 of your original £100 deposit, you’ll end up £50 down. You will then have ‘earned’ 5% of that £50 (so £2.50) cashback.

Real Cash vs Bonus Cash

Some cashback offers will award your returns in real cash that you can use as you please without any restrictions. However, be aware that others provide the cash back in bonus money. Usually, you can use the bonus money on any game you choose, but it might be subject to certain restrictions including maximum win caps and wagering requirements.

Ad Hoc and Recurring Cash Back Bonuses

Many cashback offers are ad hoc bonuses available for a limited period. The example I mocked up is quite typical. A site might offer money back against all losses for a specific period, such as a day, a week or a weekend.

Some casinos approach cashback promotions a little differently. In the competitive world of the modern online casino, brands try to steal a march on rivals by offering daily, recurring bonuses. Cashback bonuses often appear in these strategies. At Yako Casino, for example, you can take advantage of a cash back bonus every Monday on an ongoing basis.

Cashback Bonuses Against All Losses

Some sites go even further than a recurring, weekday bonus by offering cashback on all losses incurred by a player. This allows you to play with a degree of comfort, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be compensated to some degree for a bad run.

This sort of strategy is often inspired by ethics. No Bonus Casino, for example, has been developed as an antidote to traditional casino bonus policies. They don’t offer free spins and cash bonus deals that are restricted under the weight of wagering restrictions and other factors. They simply provide players with 10% cashback against all losses paid in real cash, without wagering requirements.

Table with cash back bonuses
Table with cash back bonuses percentage by slot games

Cashback on All Bets

There are now signs that new online casinos are prepared to improve upon the traditional cashback strategies. PlayOjo is an interesting online casino that offers standard casino bonuses, but never with wagering requirements.

Their bonus strategy is extended further by their Ojo Plus scheme. This allows you to accrue cash back against every bet you make on the casino’s huge selection of slots, be it successful or loss-making. You can follow your accrual progress live in-play and claim your cash whenever you like.

The Advantages of Cashback Offers

PlayOjo’s approach is really interesting. The cashback percentages are smaller – typically under 1% depending on the game, but to receive something on every bet is a genuine perk that’s not to be sniffed at. Cashback bonuses are a tidy way of compensating yourself against heavy losses during an individual session. It’s great to see the concept evolving, and you can expect more online casinos to introduce ongoing cashback schemes of their own in the coming months and years.


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