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March 16, 2019

Is it worth playing a cash bonus at the online casino?


Casino bonus guide

Ready for the cold, hard truth? Online casinos want to get you to their site and turn you into a regular player.

To achieve that, they rely on their best, time-tested tactic - offering online bonuses.

And… judging from scores of people playing and betting, the tactic works like charm... for them.

But what about you? Are online casino bonuses worth it for you?

Let’s find out below!

It's crucial you understand the bonus

Before diving head first into accepting any bonus that comes your way, you need to take a good look at the rules, terms and conditions that apply for your bonus.

These are things like:

  • wagering requirement,
  • wagering percentage,
  • house edge

Let's break them down real quick:

Wagering requirement

What is it?

It's the number of times you need to wager the bonus you got, before you can withdraw it. Wagering requirement is highly variable, different from one bonus to the next, and from one casino to the other.

But in general, most of the times, it's 35 times the bonus, plus your deposit. But depending by the casino, that number can be higher, or lower.

Wagering percentage

This number tells how much a specific casino game contributes towards fulfilling the wagering requirement. Because not all games are equal. For example, online slot games contribute much more than, for example, online roulette or blackjack.

House Edge

All casino games are built to make money for the casino.

There's just no way around it, because casinos would not exist if they weren't profitable.

And some games contribute more to their profitability than others (so you should avoid those).

Instead, play the games with low house edge (for example online blackjack), because that's where you stand the most chance on fulfilling the wagering requirements and cashing out your bonus.

Are online casino bonuses worth it (two examples)?

Instead of giving you a direct answer I'll show you both sides of the coin and leave the decision to you.


Let's say you fell for a huge bonus offering ($1000) and you took it, started playing, and then realized that you'd need to wager $80,000 before you can withdraw.

Is that reasonable? 

No, and you don't have to be a genius to realize that a so huge win will not happen so easily!


On the other hand, let's say you found a 100% bonus and the wagering requirement is only 10x.

So you could bet a $100, and you'd need to wager $1000 before you can cash out. That is totally doable, especially if you play a low house edge game like online blackjack. So you could eventually turn your bonus into a nice profit.

The Bonus Casino List we Recommend

Bottom line

There are many online casinos bonuses that can work for you, but only if you:

  • Understand the bonus, terms and requirements
  • Know which games to play
  • Are a generally well-informed player who doesn't jump the gun easily

God luck!


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