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Is this the end of online gambling in Indonesia?

Published on November 1, 2014, 3:23 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Ashwin Sasongko (Ministry’s informatics applications chief)
Ashwin Sasongko (Ministry’s informatics applications chief)

Indonesia officials have got together to come up with a way to finally put an end to illegal online gambling in the country, according to the latest news. The notice comes at a time when illegal online gambling in Indonesia is reaching titanic proportions. The Indonesian Social Affairs Ministry is currently handing out up to eight thousand licenses a year for online gaming, specifically free lotteries, though in recent years there is a growing concern that these have been used for illegal online gambling instead of simplistic online games.

Under the new plan, three of Indonesia’s ministries will pool their resources and tackle the problem together in a revolutionary idea that many feel will finally tighten the net on illegal online gambling websites. The three ministries concerned are the Communications and Information Ministry, the aforementioned Social Affairs Ministry and the Religious Affairs Ministry.

It has been reported that each of three ministries will play a key role in contributing the overthrow of the illegal online gambling craze, and no ministry will be left with a bit part role. The Communications and Information Ministry is reported to be tasked with the blocking of Indonesians from online gambling sites, something which has been done to great effect in other countries of the world, specifically European nations in recent months.

The additional two ministries, the Social Affairs Ministry and the Religious Affairs Ministry are challenged with somehow upholding the integrity of Indonesia’s existing gambling laws, it has been reported. The Social Affairs Ministry in particular is tasked with investigated whether or not one of licensed sites is providing simplistic online games, or whether the sites have broken the Indonesian gambling laws and instituted online gambling games into their websites. Should the latter turn out to be the case, the ministry’s informatics applications chief Ashwin Sasongko has vowed to block the URLs from Indonesian online gamblers.

In a further move to radically alter the online gambling scene in the Asian country Mr. Sasongko has gone further, by stating that any websites running free lotteries will also been blocked alongside illegal online gambling sites under the new plan.

Under religious (Islam) law, gambling in general in Indonesia is strictly forbidden. Because of this, there are very few if any at all online gambling sites in the country. The majority of the sites frequented by Indonesian gamblers come from abroad, and the situation involving Indonesian gamblers being unable to access overseas sites is by no means an isolated case. In fact many countries, not just Asia, are now adopting similar principles and battle plans to ensure that gamers cannot access illegal gambling sites.


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