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Some tips for playing blackjack with the most chance of winning

Published on January 30, 2020, 1:39 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Increasing your chances of winning at blackjack

Blackjack is a hugely popular casino game and is fun to play either at the casino or online. If you enjoy playing casino games online, then the majority of websites and apps will offer various blackjack games to choose from. As with many card games, your odds of winning in blackjack can vary depending on what you’re dealt, but the good news is that there are some strategies that you can use in order to boost your chances of coming away a winner. Keep these tips in mind next time you play.

Play Games with Liberal Playing Rules

Taking the time to look for tables with the most liberal playing rules for blackjack can pay off for you. Play on tables with a 3-2 pay-out for blackjack and skip tables with a 6-5 payoff or worse. Some other liberal rules to look for when playing is the dealer standing on a soft 17, players being able to double down on two cards, and doubling is allowed after splitting a pair. And, look for tables with single decks.

Get to Grips with Basic Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack can sometimes seem like it’s all a matter of guessing, but in reality, it’s not a case of sometimes hitting your sixteen against the dealer’s ten upcard, but stand at other times. Expert mathematicians have actually been studying the blackjack game for decades and they’ve managed to come up with an optimal way to make sure you can play every hand dealt to you. Known as the blackjack or basic playing strategy, it allows a player to minimise the house edge to less than one percent. Never play blackjack without spending some time to understand this strategy first.

Skip the Insurance Wager

When the dealer has an Ace, it can be easy to be tempted to take the insurance wager just in case their next card reveals a blackjack, but more often than not you’re probably going to lose your money. A winning insurance bet pays out 2-1, but the odds of winning are worse than that. So even if you have a blackjack, decline an offer of even money from the dealer.

Forget About Your Fellow Players

When you’re playing blackjack at a table with other players, it’s important to just focus on your own cards and forget about the playing decisions that others are making. How others play does not have any effect on your chance of winning in the long run, so don’t base your decisions on anybody else’s strategy; blackjack isn’t a team game! Regardless of how the other players decide to play their hand, stick to using the basic playing strategy.

Use a Strategy Card

Plastic laminated strategy cards for blackjack are easy to obtain, readily available, and allowed in pretty much any casino. If you’re serious about playing blackjack and winning, then it’s a good idea to get a strategy card that you can refer to during the game to make sure that you are making the correct decision on each card that is dealt to you and avoid making any costly playing mistakes.

Bear in mind that casinos don’t allow players to place strategy cards on blackjack tables, but you’ll be perfectly fine holding it in your hand as you play. If you want to play high stakes blackjack online, a strategy card is a must - using the correct playing strategy will help improve your odds of winning when you play high stakes blackjack either online or offline. Check out the range of blackjack games available at high stakes casinos and put your new strategy skills to the test to see how much you could win.

The blackjack perfect strategy explained

Ignore Your Winning or Losing Streaks

If you’ve won the last few hands then it can be easy to let your emotions take over and believe that you’re about to win because you’re having a ‘lucky’ streak.

But, avoid increasing your bets simply because you feel that you’re about to win because you’ve just won a few times; after all, the cards don’t know or care. Keep playing with blackjack strategy regardless of how lucky - or unlucky - you’ve been in the last few sessions.

Avoid Tables with a Continuous Shuffler

A continuous shuffling machine shuffles the cards once each round has been played, which leads more hands dealt per hour -  good for the casino and bad for the player because it means more exposure of your bankroll to the house edge. Try to avoid tables that use these and play on tables that use a mechanical shuffler, which shuffles only after over half of the deck is played, or opt for a table where the dealer shuffles the cards manually.

Blackjack results aren’t just luck of the draw - keep these tips in mind and use blackjack strategy to improve your chances of winning.


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