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How difficult is it to run a Casino Online in 2020?

Published on February 8, 2020, 1:57 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

How to Run an Online Casino

Casinos are immensely profitable. To illustrate, take a look at some of the most defining gambling stats in the UK. The online iGaming sector rake over £5 billion each year. The top ten brands earn over £100 million annually, and studies show the sector is headed for tremendous growth in the next decade.

Against that backdrop, lots of people would want to run an online casino in this day and age. But how difficult is it?

You have two options

If you have the money and the time, you can hire a team to design a website as you lease games and handle the licensing work. It can take months to put all the pieces required to make up an online casino. But it can be done.

The alternative is to approach a white label solution. These businesses will design a website to your liking, lease games, acquire licenses and do pretty much all the foundation work. Your only job will be to brand the casino and market it as your own.

Truth be told, neither method is cheap. Depending on several factors, it costs between £10,000 and £100,000 to launch an online casino. That includes licensing fees, software leases and other factors.

To lower your expenses, consider specializing in one genre of games. For example, you could launch a slots' only casino. You'll have a smaller market, but it will cost less to start your establishment.


Marketing an online casino is a daunting task. For starters, there’s so much competition these days. There are over 880 gambling sites in the UK alone. Then there’s Europe and North America, two regions where online gambling is steadily growing.

With all the competition out there, lots of casinos use bonuses and other tactics that involve rewarding customers when they create accounts. You can get updated information about Boom Casino, to understand how new gambling sites are recruiting new customers by giving out rewards. Their review also looks at the casino’s games, licenses and contact channels.

To compare and find a top-ranked online casino we recommend you to visit They have a list of trusted casinos with generous bonuses and free spins. What's more, you can find out which sites payout fast, what games they offer, and how to contact them.

Back to marketing, it takes more than bonuses to earn people’s trust in a casino. They want to see testimonials, quick feedback when they contact you and credible licenses. In fact, the lack of licenses, and poor customer support are red flags that have forced lots of gaming sites to shut down. A dedicated team with a budget limit, is the best solution. You should also emit invoices for your marketing and SEO efforts.

Security and Transparency

Robust security on your website and apps is crucial to run an online casino nowadays. If you don't use SSL encryption, people will avoid your site like the plague.

Worse, browsers will advise them not to visit your site because “you could be a potential scammer.” And sure enough, who wants to use a website that looks unsafe?

Apart from SSL encryption, part of securing your casino involves partnering with established payment providers. That means you need to do what it takes to support Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, PayPal and wire transfers.

On the other end, transparency is taking centre stage when people talk of the best online casinos. If you can't provide a license, invite public auditors to check your games for fairness and provide clear terms, you might not make it in today's environment.

There's immense attention on how casino operators interact with customers. Operators who hide under the veil underneath their websites risk being sidelined in favour of more transparent managers.

Handling Payments

Money is a gigantic topic in the online casino business. It's an important reason why people love or hate the casinos they use. In many cases, problems come in withdrawals and not deposits. Precisely, people are continually complaining about casinos duping or delaying their money.

Handling payments in the online casino business
Payment management in the online casino industry, is a crucial step that must work perfectly

Of course, not every platform has a problem with paying players. Some casinos process withdrawals within one day. But most sites can’t do it in less than a week. If you enter the industry with a plan to processing wins quickly, there’s a chance you could be trusted by players.

Casino players cherish fast-paying gambling sites. You can always ask them for verification details because it’s mandatory by law. But you have to do it fast and process their money quickly to earn their trust and loyalty.

Customer Support

Customer support deals with slow payments as one of the most common complaints from casino players. Furthermore, as you would expect, players complain of casinos that don’t reply to emails or rude agents.

Truth be told, satisfying customers is a challenging job. You must have multiple support agents who handle questions and complaints round the clock. They also need to be trained and professional in how they treat customers.

So, before you decide to run an online casino, figure out how you'll run your customer support department. It will have a significant impact on your success rate. Of course, you want your business to succeed. So, launch an online casino with a team that will encourage players to remain loyal and not to escape your platform, but always be polite and responsive in case of problems or requests for assistance.

Proper Management

An online casino is only as good as the team running it. Sure, your web design, games provided, and bonuses also influence whether customers like your site or not. But without a qualified crew, having a beautiful casino website can't help you beat the competition.

By default, you want a team in every department. That means you need technical staff, support agents, accountants, marketers and managers. These people must be adequately qualified and motivated enough to help you strive for success.

If they aren’t, they will be rude with customers. They might be lazy and won’t market your casino effortlessly. In turn, that will mean fewer customers for your business and losses.

Against that backdrop, you must enter the casino business with the right team. You also need to know a lot about running a business and use the knowledge to grow your company. To conclude, this is an always profitable sector, but today skills and experience are required to be successful.


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