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The latest online casino and gambling news so far in 2018

Published on April 10, 2018, 3:52 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

The online gambling industry never falls short of interesting news. Whether you wager or not, information about the trends in the industry is quite important. This is because it (online gambling) has deeply entrenched itself in the economies of almost all countries and so it affects you in one way or another. This year, and particularly the months of March and April, there has been a lot of behind the scenes activities in the industry, going by the amount of information finding its way to the news desks.

William Hill considers pulling out of Australia

To begin with, given the intimidating nature of the Australian gambling restrictions, William Hill is almost giving up. In what appears to be an effort to save their profits, the company is considering the sale of their Australian branch. The chief executive at William Hill is satisfied that the decision to sell the division is the best under the given circumstances, citing the adoption of a Point of Consumption tax and the recent ban on credit betting.

William Hill logo

In addition to saving their profits from falling victim to Australian authorities, the move will enable William Hill to dedicate more time and energy towards growing their online enterprises in America and Britain. At a cost of US$234m, Stars Group has signed an agreement to purchase this Australian Division of the company.

Introduction of ‘My RTP’

If the inability to make a good choice on which games to play is the barrier between you and gambling, you need to worry no more. The site Videoslots has introduced an online analysis tool going by the name Return To Player (RTP). Before you turn a critical eye to this project, it is important that you have a look at the pros. With ‘My RTP’, you can be able to identify those games that give you the lowest and highest return to player. Moreover, on the same webpage, you can save your game sessions then later compare them to the RTP of fellow slot players.

You still are not convinced that it is worth a try? Well, the CEO at Videoslots assures you and everyone else that this information will be delivered coherently and it is organized in such a way to ensure total engagement. However, the project is still young and it would be advisable to wait and see which best online casino will adopt it.

My RTP (tool by Videoslots)
My RTP (tool by Videoslots)

4 gambling entities fined in Pennsylvania

The no-nonsense Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has levied fines totaling $62,500 to three casinos and one provider of gaming service. The victims include Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment, Inc., their crime being they allowed people into the Parx Casino’s gaming floor despite being on the Self-Exclusion list. Presque Isle Downs, Inc. has been fined $15000 for working with some 3 people whose credentials had expired. From Rhode Island CB POC, LLC was fined $10000 because they did not file the required applications to be authorized to operate restaurants in Wilkes-Barre. The last on the list is Washington Trotting Association, Inc. which had a fine of $7500 levied against it after a 20-year-old was found at the gaming floor trying to play table games.

Latest casino tips that could come in handy

In online casinos, casino tips are some of the few aspects that do not experience aggressive changes. The good thing about them is that they are usually effective in spite of the fact that they have become common knowledge even among the operators of casinos. For starters, you should know that the long-term advantage lies with the casino and so avoid playing for long consecutive periods of time. Furthermore, the worst thing you can do while gambling is chasing after losses. If you find out that you are on a losing streak, it is advisable that you stop immediately you exhaust whatever amount you had budgeted. 

In video poker, blackjack and baccarat you are more likely to benefit from your skills and various strategies to beat the casino. It is advisable that you stick to such games instead of those that have huge house edges almost impossible to beat. Again, you need to understand that gambling is purely a game of chance. Superstitions and charms have a very little effect on the outcome of the games. Their effectiveness is usually a coincidence and this is what most people don't get.

If at all they were real, then shouldn't those who capitalize on them smile to the bank every time they wager? If this thought has ever crossed your mind but you are still convinced that charms are the way to go, sorry to tell you this but you are a favorite of gambling sites because they will backfire most of the times making you lose!

The gambling industry is one of the most dynamic ventures in the world today and it is not showing signs of going anywhere any time soon. There are more than 5 new betting firms this year alone. Therefore, if you are still a critic of this new wave you need to cross the line and start appreciating the fact that it has become an important pillar of the world economy.


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