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Player cheated at Skybook casino game

Published on May 19, 2015, 7:07 am

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Logo of The POGG (Players Online Gambling Guide)In its blog, The POGG (Players Online Gambling Guide) detailed a complaint they received from a player who said that he got cheated in one of the games provided by the online casino he was playing in. The casino and game in question was Skybook and 2 Ways Royal (from Amigotechs Software) respectively.

The player detailed that out of the 560 hands he played on 2 Ways Royal, the best that he got was only 2 Pairs. This result would have been understandable if the complainant only played less than 10 hands. However, the fact that he played 560 hands and never once got a 3 of a kind or better meant that there was something wrong with the way the game’s RNG was configured.

What Were the Odds?

The POGG article also detailed how the results (no 3 of a kinds or better in 560 hands) the player got simply weren’t viable if the 2 Ways Royal game was functioning as it should. Normally, the probability of getting a 3 of a kind or better in the game is 0.109805. They then subtracted this number from 1 to get the probability for hands that result in 2 pairs or less (0.890195).

This result was then placed to the power of 560 to calculate the probability of the player not receiving a 3 of a kind (or better) hand in 560 tries on 2 Ways Royal. With the resulting probability converted to odds(1 in 1.88×10^28), the POGG concluded its initial analysis by indicating that the player’s complaints had grounds since there was no way he could not have gotten at least a one 3 of a kind with the number of hands he played.

Preview of 2 Ways Royal (Amigotechs software)
Preview of 2 Ways Royal (Amigotechs software)

Further Analysis

Of course, this wasn’t the end of the POGG’s investigation on Skybook and its 2 Ways Royal game. They asked the player to provide them with his game session history to verify if he played each hand in an optimal manner. This was to rule out the likelihood that the player purposefully played badly (by discarding winning cards or hands) to achieve the results he was complaining about. Thankfully, the Amigotechs casino software that Skybook used allowed players to extract their game histories.

The data provided by the player showed that he only played 4 incorrect hands out of the 560 total. To prove that these 4 hands had no effect on the conclusion drawn in the first analysis, a Chi-Squared test was conducted. In the test the 4 losses were changed to 3-of-a-Kind hands to compare its results for expected frequency and actual frequency. The resulting actual frequency percentage of 0.0071 % was not even close to the expected frequency percentage of 11% (around 61-62 hands).

By the results of these analysis, we’re able to conclude that the RNG (random number generator) configuration/algorithm of Amigotechs Software’s 2 Ways Royal game in Skybook Casino was in some way tampered. What could not be concluded was how the tampering worked as well as how it activated.

What Happened After?

Both Amigotechs and Skybook were asked to comment on the results of the analysis but only the software provider was able to give a positive response. In fact, the owner of Amigotechs had reached out to the player to personally repay him for his losses. However, there is still no word on what caused the issue in the first place and whether others who might have had the same experience as the complainant were remunerated as well. On the other hand, Skybook has not commented on the issue although they were given the results of the investigation and report on April 6, 2015.

Skybook Casino homepage
Skybook Casino homepage


What can we learn from this whole incident? This should serve as a lesson to online casinos that think that they can get away with rigging their games or casino software (possibly with the help of the software providers) and ripping off their players. The POGG has done a commendable job in ensuring that a few bad apples like Skybook and Amigotechs won’t tarnish the image of online casinos and software providers as a whole. For now, it would be wise for players to stay away from Skybook Casino and other online casinos that are powered by Amigotechs software.


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