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Roulette Game - Some Curiosities you have never heard of

Published on February 16, 2016, 5:57 am

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Roulette is quite a fascinating game among the casino players. If you can’t recall, roulette is the casino game that features a small spinning wheel that has a series of random numbers. In fact, roulette has been featured in many Hollywood gambling flicks. People usually bet on the random numbers or the colors in a game of roulette. The history of roulette goes back to 17th century, which was introduced by Blaise Pascal. If you want to know more interesting facts about this world famous casino game, then keep on reading.

  1. Roulette was established as a game in France in the 18th century. The word “roulette” means little wheel. However, it was Blaise Pascal who introduced the concept in the 17th century. Contrary to the facts as to when it was introduced, it has been actively played ever since late 1700’s in Paris.
  1. Roulette is also known as “The Devil’s Game”. The primary reason behind it being called the devil’s game is that all the numbers (0 to 36) present on the wheel sum up to 666, which is famously known as the devil’s number or the “number of beast”.
  1. The game was initially influenced by Roly Poly, which was an English Game from the 17th century. When Roly Poly was banned, EO (Even-Odd) was started. These games became the base of what later on became famous as Roulette.
The roly-poly roulette was banned in England in 1700
Similar to roulette, the roly-poly game was banned in England in 1700, under the reign of King George II
  1. Before roulette got famous, it was generally played with house pockets. This format included two slots which were used by the bank and two betting numbers, i.e. 0 and 00 (zero and double zero). The number zero was denoted by red and double zero by black in the casinos of Paris.
  1. It was in the 19th century when roulette was introduced by the Blanc Brothers in Monte Carlo, which later on became the casino capital. According to a legend, Francois Blanc made a deal with the devil himself to know the ultimate secrets of the roulette. This is also another reason why the game is known as the devil’s game.
  1. There are different ways of playing Roulette worldwide. For instance, the American roulette is different from the European roulette. Similarly, the roulette rules in California were changed in 2004, and the resulting form was known as California Roulette.
  1. Like most of the casino games, roulette is also available to play online. This is indeed a very convenient way to play the game without having to play in a real casino. The online roulette also has the same environment and betting factor.
  1. Roulette might be the most popular casino game, but it is not meant for everyone. The rules, although not complicated, can still be daunting for most individuals. However, one can get used to the rules of the game with constant practice. You must not forget to understand how the bets work and how you can manage your bets without putting everything on stake.
  1. There are two major categories of bets; inside bets and outside bets. Each of these bets has further different types of bets in the game of roulette. For example, inside bets can be straight, trio, corner, street, basket or top line. Outside bets can range anywhere between dozen bets to column bets and Manque (1 to 18) and Passe (19 to 36) to name a few.
  1. Many players over the years have tried to come up with different betting strategies and methods to win maximum. The first person known to get a big break in Monte Carlo was Joseph Jagger, who, in 1873 hired 6 clerks to study the roulette wheel in Beaux Arts Casino. In 1875, Joseph won 14, 000 pounds and became immortal as “The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo”. In 1892, Fred Gilbert composed a song inspired by Joseph Jagger and later made famous by the comedian Charles Coborn.

  1. The ball used in roulette wheel is usually made from a plastic material or ivory. The ball is released in the spinning wheel, only to land in the pockets. These pockets are separated by each other from frets, which are the small walls. Frets are also the reason why the ball bounces off so much on the wheel.
  1. There have been many scams surrounding casinos, especially regarding the roulette. The most recent scam took place in New York in 2012, which was widely known as Roulette Ring Scam. Similarly, Ritz Casino Scam took place in 2004 in which tech savvy gamblers were able to win £1.3 million from Ritz Club Casino, London.


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