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American Roulette


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American Roulette by Playtech is an authentic take on traditional casino roulette. What makes this game “American” is that it employs a zero and a double-zero on the roulette wheel rather than just one. That gives the wheel 38 sections rather than the 37 that are common to European and French roulette games. This style of roulette was popularized in the U.S. and became the standard in Las Vegas, hence the name American Roulette.


The game allows for individual bets as small as a penny, but the total table bet must be at least $1 before the game will spin. The maximum amount allowed on any one item is $500; some items, such as single numbers, are limited to $25; and the table limit per spin is $1,000. Note that these amounts are the defaults, and some online casinos that use the Playtech software will use increased, or perhaps in some cases decreased, limits instead.

Once you have placed all bets, click the Spin button to begin. You can watch the spin action in the actual wheel, which is located on the right-hand side of the screen, or in the zoom window, which is the upper left-hand corner of the screen. This particular wheel have a stop button feature, to push in case you want to stop the run of the ball forcibly. At the end of a turn, you can opt to Spin again or click Re-bet, which allows you to clear, add and remove bets. The game also maintains a result history, which is located next to the zoom window and helpful for people who employ bankroll strategies.

Graphics & Audio

Playtech has developed one of the best online user interfaces for roulette that we have experienced. The roulette wheel and roulette table are both presented accurately, and the layout does not feel crammed, which is the case with many other online roulette games. The sound effects are quite good, and the background music creates a charming atmosphere.


The highest payout on a roulette table is a straight number at 35:1. If you were to distribute the maximum $1,000 across a straight-up bet, a red-black bet and an even-odd bet and hit them all, the payout for that spin would be $1,850. There are other non-overlapping combinations that can pay out as well or even better.


Playtech has developed an excellent roulette experience, and if you enjoy roulette online — it does lose something without the social aspect — you will enjoy this version a lot. Keep in mind, however, that there is no adjustment for the second zero, and since Playtech does offer an “European” variant (here), you would be better off playing that version for the lower house edge.

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