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Your Gambling site have low traffic? No more with these SEO tips

Published on December 24, 2019, 11:33 am

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

SEO to grow your gambling related traffic

It is worth noting that casino SEOs are different since ranking sites in the gambling world and competitive casino field, calls for a special touch. In 2012, Google closed down article submission sites, poor link building tactics, malicious directories, and it adjusted the standards for natural links. Since then, the gambling industry has had a difficult task of restructuring its SEO initiatives to build traffic. Using keyword-rich content and abusing article directories is no longer a trick. Instead, webmasters in the gambling niche are required to follow specific SEO techniques to optimize their sites, and growing traffic progressively.

What are these Main SEO Techniques?

To remain committed to attracting new players to their sites, gambling webmasters ought to have a measured and structured approach. This is how it works:

  1. Define the goals of your website - Help your audience understand your business goals by defining them on your site.
  1. Audit the Site - Gaming sites are usually faced with technical issues like landing pages, duplicate content, and lots of JavaScript, among others. Gambling webmasters are required to audit their sites thoroughly to create a solid foundation that is per Google standards.
  1. Find out unused opportunities – discover the unique opportunities in your gaming site that are lacking in your competitors. This forms the basis of the SEO strategy.
  1. Plan an Attack – Having the keyword research strategy and SEO audit enables you to create a personalized technique of attack. This guides your campaign and ensures your search traffic grows.
  1. On-Page Optimization - It is essential to be in line with what Google loves. To be sure of this, pay attention to the site’s on-page SEO optimization to develop your “Google Compatibility.”
  1. Link Acquisition – Link building is a significant challenge for most gaming and casino sites. Gambling webmasters should overcome this challenge by gaining links from real and authentic sites.
  1. Check the conversion rate of your optimization – This ensures that the search traffic of your site can convert many new players. With this, webmasters will know how to upturn the conversion rates.
  1. Report and Improve – This is a crucial step as it shows you the progress of your campaign.

Useful Tools to Measure your Gambling SEO Performance

The following tools will help measure your SEO performance:

  • Data studio – It consolidates all your data to a single interface, enabling you to view the performance of your content.
  • Uber-suggest - It helps see the performance of your sites and your competitors. It also: shows what needs to be improved to outshine your competitors, carry out backlinks analysis, calculate the keywords volume and their position on Google and finally, finds out the monthly traffic of your site.
  • SEMrush - It helps track the frequency at which your keywords changes in the ranking position (and more).
  • Screaming Frog – It scans the structure of your site and outlines all the errors like crawling errors, status codes, canonical issues, indexing, among others.
Screaming Frog software in action
Screaming Frog is a very useful tool that gambling webmasters use to check on-site errors and structure issues

How to Avoid some of the main penalties

  • Google Penguin Penalties – To escape this penalty, avoid purchasing low-quality links from non-relevant websites. If looking for stellar search rankings, make an effort to obtain organic links.
  • Google Panda Penalty – Avoid this penalty by ensuring your gaming content is unique and carefully written. To be highly ranked in SERPs, be sure that your site’s content is of good quality. Panda affects your website if your pages have too much low-quality content.
  • Thin Content Penalty – avoid this penalty by developing valuable content for your gambling audience. Avoid publishing too short contents, and write useful stuff. Watch out for duplicate contents. It's a good habit to take inspiration from original and well structured sites, for example: 24k casino.

Competitively of The Market

Globally, the gambling market is likely to grow at a CAGR of 8.77%, according to the forecast period 2019 - 2024. Gambling companies are currently expanding their betting options, which is further increasing competition in the gaming field. Chabot, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are taking over the market. The rise of new players in casinos has led to the introduction of convenient cashless modes of payment in the gaming. Even though the competition is very high as every site is trying to attract traffic, google still maintains its stringent rules and regulations related to gambling.

Some tips on how to grow your organic traffic suggested by SEO expert Neil Patel

Budget Required

Generally, the cost of growing your gambling-related traffic will be dependant on your traffic goals, the overall sales, the eCommerce website company you have selected, design, functionality and any other features employed for your website. The prices range from $10,000 - $500,000 or even more.

Difference between Organic and Non-Organic Traffic

Organic traffic refers to the visitors landing on your website following a search on Google or other search engines, whereas the paid traffic refers to the visits created by paid ads. Averagely, 16% of organic traffic should convert into leads while the paid leads have a 1.7% conversion rate. This statistic denote to webmasters the value that organic traffic have, compared to paid traffic. It is therefore worth focusing on this type of traffic, considering that online casinos and affiliates aim to convert visits into players.


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