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The 8 Types of People That You'll Meet at a Casino

Published on November 23, 2016, 1:35 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

The casino is an interesting, colorful, and lively place. The minute you step inside one, you'll find yourself immediately drawn into the action on the floor. First-timers may even be mesmerized by all the colors, the machines, the chatter. Best of all, you'll meet a lot of people – individuals from different sectors of society – inside a casino.

Not everyone who goes to the casino is there to play or gamble. Some people go there to drink or relax. Some, believe it or not, simply go to casinos to people watch. The casino crowd is as diverse as diverse can be. Here is a list of the people you are bound to meet when you get inside a casino, no matter what time of day or what day of the week it is.

Getting to Know the People in a Casino

1. Young and Enthusiastic Salaried Players

These are people who are usually in their early 20s and working a day job in a corporate office. They are either fresh graduates or sophomores in their jobs. This bunch does not believe in saving their salaries, so they spend a lot of time at the casino. Sometimes, they stay at the slot machines; other times, they go a little daring and play the roulette or some Blackjack.

2. The Lucky First-Timer

This person can be in his late 20s or early 30s. He has always wanted to try his luck at the casino and now that he finally has the money, he decides to spend the night playing. He first tries out the slot machines, and as he starts collecting wins, he moves on to the poker table, where he wins some more. His beginner's luck may irritate some players, but he does not really care. All that he knows is he's finally living his dream!

3. Grandma and Grandpa at the Slot Machines

Grandma and grandpa's idea of a romantic getaway is a trip to the casino, where they spend the whole night trying out all the slot machines. They'll be wearing matching floral outfits, too! They have with them a small bag, where they intend to keep their winnings. They may hit the jackpot from time-to-time, but what they're really enjoying is the free entertainment, the free drinks, and each other's company.

4. The Depressed Gentleman or Lady

He or she enters the casino alone, loneliness all over his/her face. He/she heads off to the bar and orders some drink. After drowning out his/her sorrows through alcohol, he/she proceed to the tables to play some games. All the loneliness on his/her face radiates a negative energy, so our depressed player gets even more depressed after losing several times.

5. He Who Plays With and Loses Hard Earned Money

This man walks into the casino and goes straight to the tables. He starts at the roulette and shells out half of the money in his wallet. He loses. He still has some money left, so he moves to the poker table and uses all the cash he has. He loses again. He retreats to the bar and claims his free drink. He eventually goes home after realizing he just lost his hard earned money in one night.

6. The Curious Player

This guy does not really know what he is doing. He plays poker even if he does not understand the game. He goes to the Blackjack table, places a bet, and plays, even if he does not know what he has to do to win. At times, you'll see him at the bar, trying to persuade someone to explain to him how the roulette is played. Other times, he'll be playing Blackjack while reading a how-to-play book. This player can get on your nerves after some time, but didn't we all go through the curious phase, too?

7. The Waitress and The Bartender

They who have seen it all. They know practically everything that happens inside the casino day in and day out. They know who the regular players are and may even call them by first names. They know the player's styles, quirks, weaknesses, and strengths. The waitress may have been hit on by men (including dirty old men), and the bartender may have received more than stares from ladies, but they don't mind because they earn well.

8. The Big Spender, The Cool Dude, and The Know-It-All

The big spender shows off his money by betting large amounts on all the games he joins in. He doesn't mind losing; what's important for him is people notice his money. The cool dude is like the happy go lucky single lady who fleets from table to table having fun and enjoying every game, often winning and sometimes losing. The Know-It-All believes he can beat everyone at every game. Of course, this is far from the truth.

So, you see? The casino is quite an interesting place even if you do not gamble. The people you meet there will make your experience worth remembering!

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