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7 Awesome Tips for Overcoming Casino Tricks

Published on November 28, 2016, 7:41 am

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

Casinos are known to have their own tricks. They do this to heat things up and to make everything more interesting. While there is no surefire way of knowing what your favorite casino has up its sleeves, there are general tips you can follow if you want to avoid becoming a victim of casino tricks.

The following tips and suggestions are easy-to-follow. Practice them every time you go to the casino until you become familiar and comfortable with them. Pretty soon, you'll be able to beat the House with no sweat.

1. Remember that the odds are always against you.

It does not matter how long you've been playing at the casino, or how many times you've won large money at the tables; the House always has the edge over you. It is important to always keep this in mind. Don't be overconfident. Keeping things in the right perspective and getting a clear idea of the odds against you will greatly help you as you start playing.

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2. Go to the Casino With the Thought That You Will Lose

No, this is not a case of "I'm going to lose anyway." This is simply you acknowledging the fact that a casino is a place where you can lose a lot of money. As such, it is important to be prepared by deciding beforehand how much you are going to spend at the tables. In short, you have to have a budget for the casino. Don't go there with envelopes of cash inside your bag or you'll end up losing your savings in just one night. Likewise, do not bring your ATM and checkbook with you. Once all the cash you brought has been used, leave the casino and go home.

3. Refuse Free Drinks

Casinos offer free drinks to all their players. Learn how to say no when one is passed your way. Drinking alcohol while playing will not do you a lot of good. Once alcohol is inside your system, your thinking becomes a little clouded. In addition to this, there is a possibility that your senses won't be functioning 100% anymore. So if you want to win and have fun, stay off all those free drinks. You can celebrate later on after you win and start counting your money.

4. Understand the Roulette and Start Winning

Playing the roulette and becoming aware of its movement can help you win. As a mechanical instrument, the wheel has the tendency to lose balance at some point. The more it is used, the more unbalanced it becomes. So just keep playing every time you visit the casino. Eventually, when it has reached its break-off point, the roulette will get a bit worn down and unbalanced and you'll find it easier to pick your lucky numbers and win.

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5. Wear Your Watch

If you notice, casinos do not have wall clocks. They do not display the time. There is a reason for this, of course. Without a clock, you won't be able to tell the time. Therefore, it will be easy for you to lose track of how long you have been playing or how many hours you've been inside the casino. To remind you of the time, always wear a watch when playing. Once you've spent an hour or two on the floor, it won't hurt to leave and enjoy your winnings over a glass of wine or a sumptuous culinary feast.

6. There are No Systems or Methods to Try Out.

Do not believe anyone who talks to you and offers to teach you the best system or method to win or beat the odds. There is no system or method to talk about. When you gamble, you play with luck. That is what this is all about.

7. Rest and Relax

If you've been on the floor for an hour straight, be kind to yourself and take a break. Get up, eat and drink a little, and go to the bathroom. You need to stretch your muscles and relax your brain for a few minutes. Sitting down or standing in one place (or table) for two hours without a break will affect your game. Once you're well-rested and relaxed, go back to your game (or go to a new one) and start winning. You'll feel new and raring to win after a break.

Keep these tips in mind every time you are about to step inside a casino. While you may not completely beat the odds, these tips will help balance them off a bit. However, if you do not want to let go of your hard earned money, even a small amount of it, stay off the floor and simply enjoy the evening with some food and drinks.


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