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How to Play at The Expendables Slot

Published on April 16, 2020, 5:06 pm

by Jeff Grant Twitter account Jeff Grant LinkedIn account

The Expendables Megaways Slot

Branded games have made slots more exciting than ever. These branded slots usually feature well-known movies, television shows and music.

If you’re fond of the action genre, surely you are familiar with The Expendables, Sylvester Stallone’s tribute to stars who have made an impact on the action movie genre. All movies in the franchise starred big names like Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Wesley Snipes, Terry Crews, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris. It did well on the tills, and now it’s an exciting slot game brought to you by Megaways.

If you’ve never tried The Expendables online slots, it’s one of South African online casinos most popular, so it’s time that you get the essentials on the game and test it out.

The Features

The game comes with a set number of reels. Every reel though includes a random number of symbols—one reel may only include two symbols while the other can have as much as seven. This often results in a system that provides players either a smaller or bigger amount of means to win. Slots that are designed as 6-reel, provide up to 117,649 Megaways.

The wilds in The Expendables come in the form of dog tags. They also serve as replacement symbols.

One of the bonuses included in the slots is the Bullet Bonus mode. This happens whenever players land a specific bullet symbol. This gets amassed in a power meter which is found on the primary gaming screen. As soon as the meter gets filled with 5 bullets, the Bullet Bonus becomes active. This bonus adds 5 wilds at random throughout the reels while at the same time, a new payout follows.

The Expendables online slot (game session)
The Expendables Megaways online slot (game session)

Players can also acquire free spins, which can be expected on Megaways slots. One can activate 12-24 rounds by dropping 4 or more scatters. You can also add several more free spins over the course of the game. During this mode, players can spot an unlimited multiplier which mounts by 1x for every activated cascading reel mechanic. If a player creates combinations with low symbols, this assortment then gets taken away from the reels.

The Return to Player

The Expendables Megaways slot RTP (return to player) clocks in at 96.02%. This RTP is quite unpredictable since players can expect even bigger wins by playing the reels. The slot does not pay out as frequently as low-medium variance slot games.

The Prizes

To spin the reels, you need to bet at least $0.20, which is the slot’s minimum. Maximum bets can be made at $20.00. As mentioned earlier, this is a very unpredictable game so players might be able to acquire as high as 20,000x the stake on just a single spin.

Where to Play Expendables Megaways

The slot is available in traditional casinos today where you can play it for real money. There are also free online casino games where you can test out the Expendables Megaways slot for free. It can be played on other devices like smartphones and tablets. The slot accommodates phones and tablets that run on Android and iOS systems.

How Do You Win at Expendables Megaways Slots?

Players can activate up to 117,649 megaways in this game. The lowest number of megaways for the Expendables slots is 324. Players win by landing 3 or more corresponding symbols on end-to-end reel plus there are cascades that happen following each win so players can land several payouts on one spin. Barney is the most substantial symbol since it pays out 12.5x for a 6 of a kind combination. It’s also the only symbol which pays out on two of a kind combos.

Barney Ross (The expendables online slot)
An excellent combination led by the symbol of Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone)

What is a Branded Slot?

The branded slot is a slot game with a theme inspired by famous movies, TV shows, music, board games, superheroes, cartoons and musicians. Because it’s focused on a specific pop culture number, branded slots are easily identifiable and can instantly pull in players for a spin.

People are quite immersed in popular culture; we are surrounded by it thanks to our televisions, theatres, books, radios and the internet. Slot providers provide branded slots since it carries with them an excellent, familiar source material that players can instantly connect with. Image and name recognition subconsciously draw avid slot players on such games.

Is to be noted that casino game developers do not have the authority to just name a slot with whatever popular title or name they want and put pictures or cartoons of famous people, shows or movies on it. They still have to shell out money for product licensing to the company who owns the rights of the title, name, image or illustration.

The product licensing fee is included on initial development expenses and the expenses meant for the regulator’s approval. A new slot game can cost more than a million for casino game developers and can take years to accomplish.

What companies make branded slots?

Popular slot providers like Playtech, Microgaming, IGT and Net Entertainment often create branded slots for their lines. Other game providers that offer many branded slot titles include NextGen Gaming, Play ‘N Go, WMS, iSoftBet, BluePrint Gaming and Novomatic, to name a few.

What branded slot was the first to be launched in the market?

Microgaming was responsible for bringing the first branded slot in the gambling industry - Lara Croft: Tomb Raider was launched in October of 2004. It paved the way for other branded slots from NetEnt’s Frankenstein to Megaways’ Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

These days, we have the immensely popular Game of Thrones slot, which comes in two versions; one comes with 15 paylines while the other provides a bigger number of paylines at 243. This Microgaming joint was released in December of 2014, focusing on the well-praised HBO fantasy series.

Microgaming also presented a Jurassic Park slot, which is based on the exciting Steven Spielberg film of the same name. The main actors and even dinosaurs are included on the reels plus it has excellent graphics and music reminiscent of the blockbuster classic.

Are there free branded slots?

You can find a good number of branded slots that offer free plays. You do have to verify your age first before playing these slots, whether you’re playing it for free or with real cash. The slot demos will allow you to get a feel of the game before you brandish your real money.

The main characters of the Expendables Megaways slot
The main characters of the Expendables Megaways slot

How Do You Win at Branded Slots?

When it comes to online casino games, slots are one of the most popular options. Branded slots are especially well-liked by casino enthusiasts due to their familiarity, great mechanics and payouts.

But how do you win at branded slots? For one, you need to take some time to develop your winning tactics. Whether you’re an experienced slots enthusiast or a beginner, it’s not bad to gather more wisdom to make those wins a reality. Heed these tips today, and win big.

  1. Try betting the maximum

Over the course of your spin, try betting the maximum (obviously considering your financial possibilities). It is always best to bet on the maximum while playing branded slots to increase your chances of getting a good payout. In fact, progressive jackpots and in-game bonuses cannot be triggered unless players bet the maximum.

  1. Choose higher-denomination slots

If you want to get a winning combination, you need to opt for slots with a higher denomination. Slots with higher denomination bets are most likely to provide players with payouts. The payback proportion of a slot game is comparative to the price of the spin or the bet’s denomination. A slot with a higher denomination offers a higher payback percentage. Thus, players have more opportunities to win.

  1. Do make the most out of no deposit bonus codes

Let’s take advantage of any bonus code that we can acquire with slots. Do a bit of research and look for slots that offer online bonuses. These bonuses often do not require a deposit. There’s no harm trying out such offers, but chose carefully, and read the truth about online casino bonuses.

  1. Take advantage of free spins

This is actually related somehow to Tip Number 3. Look for neat free online slots that offer free spins. This won’t only allow you to test the game; you can also play the slot without paying anything. This is also a free opportunity for a player to get payouts.

The Expendables slot, Skulls scatters
In the Expendables slot, Skulls represent scatter symbols
  1. Consider the pay tables of a slot

Checking the payout rates of slots that you are interested in playing is a crucial step for slots players. Before choosing a branded online slot, you need to check its paytable first and foremost. Every slot machine comes with its own system with varying payouts.

Pay tables for online slots are usually located under the Help and Rules menu of every game. Pay tables and payline totals can also differ depending on the game. Thus, you must spend some time researching these slot elements.

Only choose games that offer excellent pay tables, profitable paylines and a lot of bonus features. By doing your homework, this can lead to greater wins.

  1. Get a promotion, receive points or gain a bonus

Promotions and bonuses, specifically the welcome kind, can enhance your chances of acquiring a nice payout. Fulfil wagering requirements first; this means you need to stake a specific amount on the slots, play a particular amount of spins and receive a needed total of points. This must be done so you can take away the bonus funds.

To make things easier and faster for you, look for slots with lower wagering requirements. This means you will have faster chances of releasing your bonus funds. Keep in mind to use promotions correctly so you will have a greater likelihood of winning.

  1. Play the online casino version instead

If you’re living in the States, thank your lucky stars that the U.S. gambling rules are lax. This means American citizens are now capable of acquiring excellent online casino bonuses. Do take advantage of this to double or even triple your payouts using bonus codes.

A good trick to try out is to search for bonuses that have low wagering requirements and do not require maximum cash-out restrictions. Lots of casinos pull the wool over slot players’ eyes by presenting sizable bonuses and won’t actually reveal that players have to bet a big amount before they can get it. Also, a bonus that does not restrict the amount that you can win makes for safer plays.

  1. Practice makes perfect and that applies with free slots too

Any kind of demo always pulls people in because it allows them to test-drive the product with no strings attached. Majority of online casinos provide players with a chance to tackle the game for free before playing with real money. There are plenty of branded and unbranded slots that offer demos and free plays online—do your homework and you will find a wealth of these free slots.

List your choice slot titles and put your money aside for the moment. Study the slot’s paylines, pay tables and its bonus features. Take advantage of the Instant Play function as well. All you need to do for these free slots or demos is create your account and you can test the game, gratis.

  1. Take a break if the going gets rough

Slots are fun and enjoyable especially if you keep winning. However, you do have to take a chill pill particularly if the game has lost its edge or you’ve made a rather significant loss.

You can come up with a target winning amount for starters. As soon as you accomplish this target amount, you must stop playing the game and withdraw your winnings.

Also, if you did well on a slot session, one sensible way to guarantee your payouts is not to use it on another round. Exceeding the amount you usually spend on a game should be reason enough as well for you to quit playing slots for a while.

Make Expendables Megaways Slot your first foray into the branded kind. We gave you a handful of info and tips to use so good luck, and may those winnings increase.


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