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For poker players who are interested in playing poker away from a live poker table environment, Microgaming has developed a number of online poker games where the player plays heads up with the dealer. One of the most popular poker games from this genre is 3 Card Poker.

Microgaming's 3 Card Poker game is played on a standard online poker table. In this case, the graphics and visual effects are average at best, most likely due to the age of the game. The player will be playing against the dealer without the involvement of other players. Standard poker rules apply and a standard 52-card deck of cards is used for each hand.

There is nothing particularly complicated about the way this game is played. The player starts by placing an ante wager. Betting limits may vary based on the limits selected by the online casino. After the ante has been placed, the cards are dealt, three to the player and three to the dealer with all three placed face down. After viewing their cards, the player has the option to fold the hand and lose their ante bet, or place an additional bet in the play spot. After the final bet has been made, the dealer's cards are revealed.

Winners are determined by standard poker guidelines. In order for the player to win both his ante bet and play bet, the dealers must have a hand of two queens or better. If not, the player wins their ante bet at even money with no-action on the play bet. If the dealer has a qualifying hand, the winner is the one with the best hand. If that happens to be the player, they are paid for their hand, plus any bonus amounts that might be due because of the value of the player's hand.

Prior to the start of a hand, the player also has the option of placing an extra bet in the pairs spot. This is a bonus bet that requires the player to have a least one pair in order to win money. Anything less, they lose. The pay table starts at even money for a pair, up to 40:1 for any straight flush. It is possible to play the pairs spot only.

Verdict: Without the bonuses, this game would provide nothing more than an ordinary gaming experience. The chance to hit extra bonuses creates a situation where the player has the opportunity to actually when some good money playing the game.

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