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Let's play at 3 Card Poker Gold Multihand video poker


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After the success of its 3 Card Poker Gold game, Microgaming game developers went back to the drawing board and came back with an improved version of the game, which ended up with the game title 3 Card Multi-Hand Poker Gold. Players who were familiar with the original version were treated to three major changes.

The first two changes were cosmetic in nature. They included better sound quality and better screen shots with clear graphics and improved color quality. The third improvement dealt with how the game is played. As the title insinuates, players could now play up to five hands at a time. For poker players who like their poker action fast and furious, this became the perfect solution, which has made the game very popular with both beginners and experience poker players.

The game is played with standard poker rules with three cards dealt at a time per hand. However, the game comes with two versions from which the player can choose. The first version is called "Pairs Plus." In this game, the dealer's hand is non-applicable. The player bets the ante and received their three cards. If they choose to play on, they must wager double the amount of the ante bet in the play spot. Payouts are based only on the player's hand. In order to win, the player must have a minimum of one pair for a 1:1 payout, up to 40:1 on a straight flush,

The other version is called the "Ante Game." This version is played in a traditional manner. The player starts by placing their bet in the ante spot. For bonus payouts, they can also place a wager on the bonus spot. After hands are dealt with the dealer's hand showing one card up, the player has to fold or place a wager in the play spot, indicating they wish to play on. After the dealers cards are revealed, the player either wins or loses based on standard poker rules. If they hit a specified hand from the bonus pay table with a wager in the bonus spot, they win regardless of what the dealer has flipped.

Verdict: Setting aside the fact this is nothing more than a normal 3 card poker game, the opportunity to play multiple hands at the same time makes each game five times more exciting. If a player is able to handle the increased wagers per hand, this is the way to go.

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