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A Night Out Scratch Review

A Night Out is a nightclub-themed scratch card that features mixed drinks and charming ladies.


The default price of this scratch card is 20 cents, which stands out because most Playtech scratch cards, such as those listed in this page, have a default value of $1. There is no 50-cent option, but you can increase the value to $1 as well as $5, $25 and $100. That stands out as well because most Playtech scratch cards max out at $10. Once you have set your desired price, click Play to begin, or you can use the auto-play feature, which will buy up to 50 cards at a time and play them out automatically.

The game uses a 3-by-3 grid, and the object of the game is to have the same symbol appear three across or three down. Each symbol has a fixed multiplier ranging from X2 to X500. The kiwi-based mixed drink, for instance, is worth X2, which means that you would win $2 on a $1 card. You do not receive the price of the card back, so a $2 win on a $1 card is breaking even.

Special Features

A Night Out does not have any special features. This is worth noting because it is one of the only Playtech scratch cards that does not have a Shuffle option or individual card numbers.

Graphics & Audio

This game has the same high production values that are normally reserved for Playtech’s latest slot machines. It looks great with its fun, modern art style, and what really sells the atmosphere is the flashing dance lights and the dance music playing in the background, as if you were standing outside the club waiting to get in.


The jackpot is based on the amount you pay for the card. On a $1 card, the most you can win is $500. The top overall jackpot of $50,000 requires a $100 buy-in. Note that you will never win more than once — have more than two symbols three across — on a single scratch card.


Although Playtech includes A Night Out with its other online scratch cards, the game feels different. The game does not even use the basic Playtech framework for scratch cards, which is evident in the lack of shuffle feature and unique identifiers. Nevertheless, this is a fun scratch card experience, and it may have enough going for it to entice players who would not otherwise consider these types of games of chance.

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A Night Out Scratch Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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