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7 Oceans Review

Since the early days of online slot machines, three themes have tended to pop up on a regular basis from one software developer to the next. Those three themes are Egyptian, Greek Mythology and ocean fare. 7 Oceans is a classic slot game with a decidedly ocean based theme. The face of the machine looks like a classic slot with artwork that includes a treasure chest full of golden treasures and aquarium fish.

7 Oceans is a no frills gaming option. There is nothing complicated about the rules or payouts. The game is played with 3 reels and a singular pay line. The coin values range from $.01 per line at a minimum with a maximum of $5.00 per line. Players can wager up to three coins per spin, which makes the wagering range $.01 up to $15.00. For the most part, this game is best suited for beginners and players with time to kill and a small budget.

Typical classic slot icons such as the single bar, double bar, triple bar, blue/white 7, and the yellow/red oceans 7 represent the game’s symbols. Note: a red line is used as the smallest paying symbol instead of standard cherries. The object of the game for the player is to land three of the same symbol on the pay line for the prescribed payout. The only exception is a consolation payout for hitting any mixture of bar symbols and another consolation payout for hitting any combination of 7s.

What makes this game unique is that the player is required to bet three coins in order to earn a payout for hitting 7s. Also, there is no additional payout available for matching any of the other symbols with three coins wagers, two coin payouts being the max on those symbols. If the player wagers three coins with a value of $5, they have a chance to hit the game’s maximum payout of $60,000 if they land all three yellow/red oceans 7s.

Verdict: Considering the innovative and creative games being offered by every online site in the world, one might wonder why anyone would waste their time and/or money playing 7 Oceans? The answer is nostalgia. There will always be players who remember the early days of slot machines and might want to play one for a few minutes if only for sentimental reasons. Considering the possibility of a rather large jackpot, this game would be as good a choice as any other classic slot that might be available.

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7 Oceans Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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