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At times, Microgaming creates a slot game that is intended for a specific type of player. It has been rumored that any game with "kebab" in the title is targeted for British players. With that said, Abra-kebab-ra has a decidedly Middle Eastern theme. By being introduced back in 2007, this has to be one of Microgaming's earlier efforts.

The game's overall motif and soundtrack certainly give players the feeling of dropping down into the world of Aladdin and his magic lamp. The game format includes 3 reels and a singular pay line. With a coin value range of $.10 up to $10.00, this game should be considered better suited for beginners and novice with limited cash resources.

The game's symbols are represented by typical fruit machine fare, which includes cherries (1X multiplier), lemons (2X multiplier), oranges (4X multiplier), plums (8X multiplier) watermelons (10X multiplier), jalapeno peppers (25X multiplier), sevens (50X multiplier) mushrooms (200X multiplier) and the kebab chef (1000X multiplier). Three chef symbols would land the player the game's biggest possible jackpot of $10,000.

For an early online gaming classic slot, Abra-kebeb-ra comes with a nice selection of extra features. The most lucrative feature is a bonus game that is initialized when three golden genie lamps appear anywhere on the reels. The player's objective during the bonus game is to work their way up a bonus ladder by successfully gambling on a series of hi/lo card games. The higher the player goes, the more multipliers, nudges and bonus game time extensions they will earn. If they can make it all the way to the top, they will also earn a cash bonus.

Banker holds and nudges are standard fare on many of Microgaming's early fruit slots. With the bank holds, players get the opportunity to freeze one of the three reels, after which they get to re-spin the other two reels one time for each hold they use. The nudges are used to bump one reel forward one space for each nudge they choose to use. The objective behind holds and nudges it to create a better outcome on the reel.

Verdict: Generally, classic slots are better suited for beginners. In the case of Abra-kebab-ra, the bonus game feature adds enough intrigue to make the game a little more feasible for experienced players who may be gambling with a limited bankroll. While video slots may be preferred, this little game is worth playing from time to time.

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