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Zany Zebra is one of the more lucrative options in the classic series by Microgaming. It provides numerous chances to win, and you can actually hit on multiple bet lines during a single spin, which is a bit unusual, but not unwelcomed, for a pub-style slot game. As the name suggests, the theme of the game is zaniness, and the developers use zebras and rainbow effects in a seemingly random yet inevitably fun and engaging way.


The coin sizes offered by Zany Zebra range from $0.25 to $5, and the high minimum is in place to offset all the additional chances to win that come with the added paylines. Adjust the coin size using the plus and minus buttons, and then use the Bet One button to cycle through one to five coins in play. When considering the payable, consider that each combo can hit up to five times per spin. It’s also possible to mix and match combos, such as hitting single bar on line one and bells on line three.

Special Features

The Zany Zebra symbol set includes zebras, sevens, bells, triple bars (red), double bars (green) and single bars (yellow). The Any Bar features allows you to win five coins with any three-across combination of red, green and yellow bars. Any Bar is relatively lucrative in this game because it pays out at least five coins, which offsets the wager, and it easily hits on additional lines because the total symbol count is only six. The zebra symbol is both a jackpot symbol and a wild symbol, and as a wild, it can substitute for any other symbol on the board.

Graphics & Audio

Zany Zebra uses the default sound effect set for the Classic Slot series, and it sounds quite authentic, like a game straight out of your local pub or arcade. It also boasts an eye-catching design, and despite all that dazzle, still manages to integrate its pay table and visual cues in a highly usable way.


The jackpot on the first bet line is 1,000 coins, and each subsequent jackpot increases by 1,000 save the last, which increases by 2,000. If you manage to get nine zebras, and thus hit the jackpot on all five lines, the total payout is an impressive 16,000 coins. At the maximum bet, that amounts to $80K, which is incredible for a pub-style slot game.

Overall Impressions

Zany Zebra has a wonderfully balanced pay table, and unlike some of the other five-line classics by Microgaming, it manages to cater to low and high rollers alike. We like the game best at the maximum bet, or at least the $1.25 needed to activate all five lines, but the odds are still good at less than five coins thanks to the payout bumps below the jackpot tier.

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