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X-Men by Playtech is a video slot machine that uses a Marvel license and is based on the 2000 film, which starred Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. X-Men is also linked to four progressive jackpots (Ultimate Power, Super Power, Extra Power and Power), and all Playtech slot machines licensed by Marvel feed into and are able to trigger those four jackpots.


The X-Men slot machine has five reels and 25 paylines (visit this page to find some examples). Each line allows up to 10 coins, and the coin sizes range from $0.01 to $100. The minimum bet required to activate all possible lines is $0.25. The maximum bet possible is $25,000, and Playtech really stands alone online as a brand that accepts slot machine wagers of that size. Players can click the Spin button to begin, but there is also a Bet Max and Auto Start option.

Special Features

The main special feature here is Heroes vs. Villains, which allows players get to choose to be the X-Men (heroes) or the Brotherhood of Mutants (villains). Playing the heroes, there is a Professor X symbol, but as the villains, that symbol is replaced by Magneto. The choice makes gameplay differences as well, such as receiving an automatic eight free games on a successful scatter (villains) versus being able to earn an unlimited amount at the risk of earning less than eight (heroes). The game also has an X-feature, which automatically pays out 5 times the total bet. Note that triggering the progressive jackpot is random. It can happen on a losing spin, and it is possible to win both the local and progressive jackpot on the same spin.

Graphics & Audio

The game uses hand-drawn symbols to represent the characters from the movie. The artwork is good, but it is inferior to the standard set in the Marvel comic books, which leads one to wonder why they just didn’t use that art or at least Marvel artists. Perhaps the license didn’t allow for it. The sound is also decent, but again, it feels like a missed opportunity not to use Marvel assets.


Five wild symbols on an active payline triggers the jackpot, which is worth 10K coins. At the maximum coin size of $100, therefore, the jackpot is worth $1M. The average payout on the Ultimate Power jackpot is approximately $776K, and the biggest win at the time of this review was about $1.37M in October 2011.

Overall Impressions

Playtech did not take advantage of the Marvel license as well as some brands have, but they still managed to pull off a slot machine that is lucrative and a lot of fun to play. Marvel fans may not be happy, but slot fans will certainly want to make this part of their regular rotation.

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