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All American


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All American is one of the most prevalent video poker variants around, and the Microgaming version of this machine, which is available online as well as in physical casinos, sets the standard.

About All American Video Poker

All American was originally called Bally’s All American because of where the format was introduced, but that designation has long since been dropped. Jacks or Better, sometimes called Draw Poker, is the standard video poker game. All American is based on it, and the difference is that the payouts are raised for flushes, straights and straight flushes and reduced for full houses and two pairs. In other words, it is tweaked for those who want to focus on the top rewards that a machine offers. Do you know all the Jacks or Better rules already?


All American allows you to wager one to five coins per hand, and the available coin values range from $0.25 to $5. As a general rule, you should always play max coins on a video poker machine, and Microgaming’s All American is no exception. Therefore, while the minimum bet is $0.25, the ideal minimum bet is $1.25. The maximum bet is $25.

Special Features

All American by Microgaming has but one special feature, a gamble feature that appears after wins. The gamble feature allows you to double your winnings (or lose everything) by revealing a card and then letting you choose one of four face-down cards in the hope of turning up a higher value. It is not a particularly good bet, but it can provide big wins and does provide a lot of excitement.


With five coins in play, the jackpot is 4,000 coins, which is achieved with a royal flush. At the ideal minimum bet, the jackpot is worth $1K, and at the maximum bet, the jackpot is worth $20K.

Graphics & Audio

Video poker machines tend to emphasize minimalism in the graphics and audio departments, and Microgaming’s machines are much the same. The sound effects are quite good, however, and the upside is that the screen is very readable and you can play the machine for long periods without annoyances.

Overall Impressions

Many players prefer Jacks or Better for the better odds on a pair, but over the long term, the odds on All American are the same. The format just helps ensure that when you do hit it big, you win as much as possible. As far as experience, we prefer Microgaming’s online machines because they deliver an in-casino feel in a way that most other developers cannot match.

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