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Wheel of Wealth Review

Wheel of Wealth is a no frills classic slot game introduced by the game developers at Microgaming. Aside from the concept of trying to win big money, which isn't really feasible on this game, the game has no distinguishable theme. Along those lines, the game's face offers little more than a standard slot machine and pay table. This game's saving grace is the existence of a wild symbol and wheel of fortune style bonus feature.

Wheel of Wealth uses a standard 3-reel game format that includes 1 pay line. The player is permitted to wager between one and three coins with a solitary coin value of $1.00, That's pretty straightforward. With a maximum possible payout of 5,000 coins on a maximum wager, the largest possible jackpot on this game is $5,000. It's hard to get rich with a mere $5,000 per jackpot.

The following symbols with applicable multipliers are used in the base game, based on the highest paying pay table: any one cherry - 3X, any two cherries - 6X, three cherries - 12X, any three bars - 18X, three single bars - 30X, three double bars - 120X, three triple bars - 240X and three high paying wheel of fortune symbols = 5000X.

The wheel of fortune symbol also acts as a wild symbol. If one wild appears on a winning spin, the player is awarded a 2X multiplier. If two wilds appear on a winning spin, a 4X multiplier is awarded. If the player lands a wild symbol anywhere on the third reel, they win the chance to play the game's bonus feature. On a secondary screen, the player gets one chance to spin the wheel of fortune for an instant cash prize that carries a maximum value of 1,000. In order to qualify to play the bonus game, the player is required to have played three coins on that particular spin.

Verdict: It's not like the bonus game is going to rock a player's would, but it's always nice to encounter a 3-reel slot that offers some type of bonus feature. Unfortunately, this game's payouts and rather mundane looking game face make this game very difficult to get excited about. With so many other quality games from which to choose, it's hard to imagine there are many players who would be willing to risk their hard earned money on a game with so little to offer in return

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Wheel of Wealth Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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