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White Buffalo Review

One of Microgaming's newest hits, White Buffalo slot takes the player on a snow filled slot adventure with the mighty buffalo taking the centre stage. With twenty five pay lines and five reels this slot fits right in there in terms of general formatting for online slots and apart from its very white coloration, there isn't too much to differentiate it with other top online slots.

The White Buffalo itself is the main star of this online slot. Such a rarity in nature is the White Buffalo that it almost never occurs. It would certainly be fair to say that the odds of pocketing a White Buffalo in this progressive slot are far more likely than in nature.

As with most Microgaming slots, White Buffalo features both wild and scatter symbols. The wild symbol is an icon of a buffalo with wild written on it. Once they appear on a reel they will automatically substitute themselves for any symbol that you may need to complete a pay line.

The scatter symbols in White Buffalo are Buffalo skulls with the word scatter written on them. Scatter symbols if hit correctly will multiply your winnings by a given amount, depending on how many of them occur on your pay lines.

Other icons featuring in this game include Elk, Moose, Big Horn Sheep and all kinds of other hooves animals from the great plains of North America. There is also a bonus game featuring these animals. The big game spin round occurs when certain animals can be turned into a White Buffalo. This is almost as rare as the famed White Buffalo itself, so players shouldn't get their hopes up too much! Six free spins will be awarded however, should this occur.

The minimum wager a player can make in White Buffalo is a meager 0.01, whilst 0.20 appears to be the maximum coin bet a player can make. All in all White Buffalo is pretty to look at, but doesn't really stand out as anything spectacular. It fits into the mould of an online slot very tidily, but that is about as far as this game goes.

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White Buffalo Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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