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Apocalypse Cow


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Apocalypse Cow is one of Microgaming’s less conventional three reel slots (check this page). The game’s theme is based loosely on a cult movie, but the characters are not specifically named in the game. However, you might get to see more of the background story if Microgaming ever decides to do a five-reel version. While not all that interesting, the artwork and color scheme are at least easy to digest, which is more than can be said for many slots.

The symbols range from different types of fruit to a helicopter. However the apocalypse goes for everyone else, it obviously didn’t go too well for the cow, because it takes three cuts of steak to activate the bonus round. In addition to the bonus round, there is a symbol that serves as a multiplier. Apocalypse Cow is unlike other classic slots in that it also has holding and nudging features more commonly seen in fruit machines like these. The theme isn’t particularly inspiring, but the gameplay is engaging and the payouts fair.

Holds and nudges are important when you play Apocalypse Cow. How you play will ultimately affect how much you make over thousands and thousands of spins. Some combinations should always be held and nudged, but you are likely best off leaving the small combinations alone. The general idea is to maximize your win potential without exposing yourself to unnecessary risk of ruin.

The base payout isn’t overly high, but there are some redeeming factors. For one, this is a three-reel game with a multiplier and a bonus game, so any winning combination that you get may be higher than those seen in other similar slots. The holds and nudges give you a greater degree of control over your win rate if you actually know how to use them. There are nine winning combinations, so you will get plenty of opportunities to rake in stacked payouts.

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