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Ariana - An aquatic treasure hunt slot game


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A product of Microgaming, Ariana Slot boasts striking graphics with a theme about an underwater treasure hunt that takes the player on an aquatic quest. This online game is a visual treat for any avid slot player. Although the theme might seem more suitable for females, it isn’t labeled to any particular gender. After all, those impressive graphics are there for the player’s experience. Without any further ado, let’s move over to know more about this game.

Ariana Slot: a treat for eyes

We can’t deny the fact that this game was designed by keeping in mind that the graphics have to be impeccable. After all, an aquatic adventure is all about finding beautiful and one of a kind treasures.

Before we learn more about this game, let’s take some time to know about the main character of this game, Ariana. Ariana is a mermaid princess that has the control over the expansion of the Wild symbols on the 5 reel slot machine. If you have Ariana, you’re definitely going to make some money. In short, Ariana will maximize your chances of winning the game. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, this slot brings an exotic underwater action.

When you play this game, you’re informed about the game’s features. This is in fact a good way to educate new players about how it works. There are expanding symbols in both modes of this game. In the base game, you need to have stack of all the symbols on the 1st reel of the slot. This will trigger the expansion of the symbols with high ranking on other reels. However, the player is duly informed that the expansion is plausible only if the matching symbols make the winning combination.

Before we roll over to the free spins part, let’s take a look at the symbols that Ariana offers. You can find anywhere from sea dragons to treasure chest, coral reef, star fish, to name a few. The most interesting part of the game is the scatter symbol, which in this case is the starfish. You get the free spins feature when 3 or more scatter symbols appear on the reels. If you get the scatter symbols, you get to win 15 free spins. In addition to this, you also have a chance to win free spins while playing in the free spins feature, i.e. if you get at least 3 scatter symbols while playing for free spins, you get additional free spins.

Ariana online slot (free spins session)
Ariana slot - a winning combination during the free spins session

The twists featured in the Ariana Slot game are somewhere on the same level as that of the other slots, however they have their own uniqueness. With the free spins feature, the chances of winning huge amount of money is a sure shot.

Do we recommend Ariana Slot?

Of course we do! There’s nothing that we don’t like about this game. From its interesting marine saga to its rich graphical interface that takes you on a slot based adventure, there’s everything that we love about it. Moreover, you can win enormous amounts as well. This game is worth your time and effort. If you love playing slots and are on the outlook of an exotic and new game, then Ariana Slot is your answer. So, go ahead and make some money!

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