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Attraction Slot: A Wacky Electricity Based Slot Game


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In today’s review, we will be talking about a very interesting, somewhat extremely off the track slot machine that is based upon electricity. Yes, you’ve guessed it right! If you’re a regular slot player, then you must have come across Attraction Slot for sure. Unlike the standard online slot games, this one is undoubtedly unique and we bet that it was surely a concept of a physics genius or maybe an electrician – but who cares, as long as we get to play the Attraction Slot.

Let’s keep it rolling and know more about this online game.

Attraction Slot: a ‘not so regular’ slot game

If you have played your way around wrestlers, mermaids, fruits and what not, then Attraction Slot is going to be a big relief for you. The concept of this slot is a big game changer. When you start playing it, you’re taken to a chamber that seems to be in an underground area, or perhaps it is just not disclosed to all. You can consider it as a secret laboratory of an engineer. The main character of this game is – wait for it – you guess it, its electricity. The electricity plays an incredibly important role in going “wild”.

Attraction slot - Wild symbols on the reels
Wild symbols substitute any symbols on the reels, allowing winning combinations

Before diving any further, let’s see the technical aspects of Attraction Slot:

  • 5 Reel
  • 3 Rows
  • 10 paylines

Now this game is definitely different from the other regular 5 reel slot games. With 3 rows and 10 paylines, this game adds a personal touch of thrill that sets it apart from its competitors. Another thing that we want to lay stress on is the fact that the developers of this game have made it a point to add a complete background to the game, which is only available on the NetEnt’s website. This just adds much more sense – players get the complete experience and not just centered graphics on the browser. While we are talking about the graphics, let’s just say that they are hands down one of the best in the genre of slot games.

The concept of the video Attraction Slot is that you have to manage your way around the electricity, magnets and other components that are displayed on the 5 reels. These reels have 3 rows each. When you first play, you are given around 250000 coins. Since there are 10 fixed bet lines, the bet is increased every time a bet level is increased.

The coins awarded for the betting also have certain value. The value of the coins can be increased or decreased accordingly. If you decide to increase the value of a coin, your total amount of coins will be reduced. Similarly, if you decrease the value of a coin, your total number of coins will be increased. For example, a coin value of 1.00 will leave you with 5000 coins, whereas the coin value for 500000 coins will go as low as 0.01.

Attraction slot - A big win during the game session
A big win during the game session

There is a manual spin and autoplay spin feature to invoke spinning. Magnet is the prime symbol of the game that has control over the wilds. It, along other symbols of wild will invoke the re-spins and stick wilds symbols. When a magnet appears on any reel, the user is notified of its presence by shooting a beam on it. After this, the electric shock is sent to the magnet through the wild, which in return makes all the ordinary symbols into the sticky wild ones.

Things we like about Attraction Slot

  • The fact that it gives the user an experience of being a mad scientist – nothing beats the fun!
  • Super easy 5 reel slot game with non-fussy 10 paylines.
  • Cute electric characters – visually outstanding and intelligently conceived concept.
  • A chance to win 500 times as compared to your original bet.

Do we recommend? Yes, we do! A different genre of slot game with less-flashy and more subtle graphics and a chance to win real money!

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