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Andre The Giant: The best game for slot players & WWF fans


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How many times do you think you would come across an online slot game that features a legendary WWF wrestler? Probably just once! The millennial generation knows very well about the wrestler who stood mighty high at 7’4”. Such was the legacy of this French wrestler that he became the subject of many games, including the well-known online slot game developed by Nextgen gaming, Andre the Giant. If you are an avid slot player and have been a huge fan of the WWF legend Andre, then you really ought to know about this game. Stay tuned as we review it for you!

Andre the Giant Slot Game

It was really interesting to see Andre the Giant feature as the main character for this slot game. However, it is not the first time he has appeared as a main character. He has been a prime subject for many video games in the past. Kids of today’s generation might not really know much about him. Before we review the game, let’s know a bit about our main character.

  • Andre the Giant’s real name was Andre Rene Roussimoff and he was a professional French wrestler. He was indeed a giant with a stature of 7 feet and 4 inches. He was a well-known wrestler of his time and regularly wrestled in WWF. He also appeared in many movies and television shows. His gigantism also made him “The Eighth Wonder of the World” – apparently he was called so by everyone.
Wrestling champion André the Giant (1946 – 1993)
Wresting champion André René Roussimoff aka André the Giant (1946 – 1993)

What we like about Andre the Giant Slot Game

First of all, it’s a very clever idea to feature the world’s legendary wrestler in a slot machine. It is a different way to play slots. It is definitely a different and better concept than what the other slot machines usually have. The concept runs around the wrestling world, with Andre being the prime winning character. When you start playing this slot game, you will notice that it is a 5 reel online slot game that has 25 paylines.

Andre the Giant slot (gameplay session)
Andre the Giant - screenshot from a regular gameplay session

Just like any other slot machine, Andre the Giant also features the winning symbols that reveal the winning amount once certain combinations are made on the slot. You must have guessed it by now that the slot reel’s symbols are of course related to a wrestling ring. Here you can find chairs, masks, tickets, referee, championship belt, wrestling ring, boots, hotdog and of course Andre the Giant.

Comparatively to other slot games, this one is more fun. The symbols are all backed up with solid graphics and audio that makes it much more fun to play. While this online slot game can help you win some real money, you can definitely vouch for a lot of fun. Other symbols might not bring you the much needed thrill, but Andre can be seen on the 2 and 4 reel. If you are lucky enough to have him show up on the reel, he will expand and go wild. Once he makes his appearance and goes wild, he will replace all the symbols to maximize the chances of winning.

However, the winning depends majorly on one icon – Scatter. This symbol has “Andre the Giant” written over it. When a player gets it at least 3 times on the reels, it invokes another segment of the slot game, i.e. Battle Bout Bonuses. This segment unveils another chance to win 10 spins for free. These free spins will allow you to get special attack moves symbols that can be found on 5th reel. If you’re lucky enough to make Andre win in the ring, your winnings will get doubled. Similarly, there are other ways as well to improve your chances of winnings.

Andre the Giant slot (bonus round)
Andre the Giant - a screenshot from the bonus round session

Final Verdict:

Andre the Giant online slot game is undoubtedly one of a kind slot game for those who are a fan of wrestling, slots and particularly Andre. Here, you can test your luck and win a good amount of money. The concept is good, the graphics are impressive and the interface is simply effortless. If you’re into playing slots, do try this game!

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