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Pla at Vinyl Countdown free slot machine

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Vinyl Countdown Review

"Vinyl Countdown" is a slot game based on a 1950's theme. The "vinyl" refers to the albums of the 1950's and 1960's, prior to cassettes and CDs. It is a five reel slot structured, and the icons are all related to Elvis, and other 1950's music memorabilia, including jukeboxes, dancers and the types of desserts likely found in a 50's diner or drugstore soda shop.


Vinyl Countdown offers players 9 pay lines. Players can bet anywhere from 25 cents to $2 per line, for a betting range of 25 cents (1 pay line bet, minimum bet) to $18 (max lines, max bet.) The maximum payout on this game is 1000 coins, and there is no progressive jackpot currently on this game.

Special Icons

There are two special icons that players will encounter while playing "Vinyl Countdown." The first is the wild jukebox. This functions just as a typical wild icon does on a normal slot machine. It is a substitute for any icon, except for the other type of special icon. The other special icon is the glitter ball. If a player is able to match three glitter balls on any position over any of the reels, they receive a payout. This is typically 10x the bet for three glitter balls, 50x the bet for four, and 100x the bet for five symbols matched.


The "Vinyl Countdown" namesake icon is the highest paying symbol, offering players 1000 coins for matching five in a row. this progresses downward to 500 coins for four, 50 coins for three, and five coins for two. The other major payout symbol is "The Greaser" icon, which pays 900 coins for matching five.

Pros and Cons

Playing "Vinyl Countdown" is a fun and engrossing experience. From the 50's themed icons to the era-appropriate jingle when the reels are in play, it is a fun experience for fans of this era. On the flip side, the absence of a progressive jackpot or interactive bonus game might be a deterrent for some slot players. There are a limited number of pay lines, and very little interaction present in "Vinyl Countdown." That said, most casinos offer additional payout frequency to account for the absence of a progressive jackpot, which can help keep the good vibes happening during a session.

All in all, "Vinyl Countdown" is a solid, if no frills, slot machine offering. For fans of 50's nostalgia and traditional slot play, this game has everything they could want. For people who prefer more complexity and interaction in their slot machine experience, they could be left wanting more.

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Vinyl Countdown Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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