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While the game face features bingo balls and bright colors usually associated with an online bingo room, the game Bingo Bango Boom is nothing more than a standard fruit or classic slot with a bonus game thrown in for good measure. Bingo Bango Boom was introduced by Microgaming back in the heyday of online classic slot games.

Bingo Bango Boom is a 3-reel, 1 pay line classic slot. Players are restricted to betting one coin per spin with a selected coin value range of $.10 at a minimum, up to a maximum coin value of $10.00. With a maximum possible payout of 500X, the games largest jackpot is a modest $5,000.

The game uses the following symbols with related multipliers: cherries - 2X, lemons - 4X, oranges - 8X, single bars - 10X, plums - 16X, double bars - 20X, 7s - 30X, watermelons - 50X and the Bingo Bango Boom logo - 500X.

Bingo Bango Boom comes will several features that novice slot players might find intriguing. At the bottom of the screen is a tract of bingo balls numbered between 1 and 8. During game play, certain icons will cause a ball to light up. When all eight balls have been lit up, the player gets a chance to pick numbered stars on the left. These stars offer rewards that include holds, nudges, multipliers, free spins or cash bonuses.

Nudges and holds are one of the game's most valuable commodities. If the player uses a hold, they get the opportunity to freeze one reel and re-spin the others. If they use their nudges, they get the opportunity to rotate one reel forward one spot. Players can use up to four nudges on a particular spin, restricted to the number of nudges they have in inventory. In the case of both holds and nudges, the player's objective is to create a better result than the original result found on the reels.

Verdict: For brand new slot players, a game like Bingo Bango Boom could have enough charm to create at least a little excitement. Experienced players are going to find the game boring and unrewarding. In an online casino environment where really cool video slots are available, it makes sense that experienced players will want something a little more exciting for the investment of their time and money.

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