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Blackjack Scratch Review

Blackjack Scratch is an online scratch card game by Playtech that resembles classic blackjack (learns how to play here). The game even deals cards and has playing hands. The resemblance stops there, however, because one cannot bust and the initial three two-card hands are compared as is against the dealer’s initial two-card hand.


The default card value is $1, but you can lower that value to $0.50 or raise it as high as $10. The card price simply acts as a multiplier. If a $1 card could pay out $5 on its first hand, then that win would have been worth $2.50 if you had paid $0.50 or $50 if you had paid $10. The maximum amount that a card can pay out is 10,000 times the card value, so $10K at $1. The Deal button purchases a scratch card, and there is an auto-play option that lets you set the game to buy up to 99 scratch cards automatically. There is also a shuffle feature, which you can use up to three times between purchases, which essentially allows you to shake up the random number generator.

When a round begins, the player is dealt three hands and the dealer is dealt one, all with one card face-up and one face-down. The player can then scratch his or her three hands, which reveals the second card and the potential win amount. The player then scratches the dealer’s hand, and the game then determines if the card is a winner. It is possible to win two or all three hands, but the total potential win amount will never exceed the limits established earlier. There is also a Scratch All button for the player who prefers a brisker pace and less interaction.

Graphics & Audio

Playtech develops attractive, highly usable online blackjack tables like this one, and they have built this scratch card game using those same assets, so everything looks gorgeous. Unfortunately, Playtech did not use authentic dealing sounds but instead used an inferior, arcade-y alternative.


The top jackpot for a single scratch card is $100,000, and that requires a $10 buy-in.


Blackjack Scratch is a fun game, and we like that Playtech emphasizes the blackjack aspect of its standard scratch cards collection. We could not help while playing, however, wonder why we were not just playing actual blackjack. The initial phase of this game is similar enough, and if you enjoy it, you might as well move up to the actual game and get better odds in the process.

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Blackjack Scratch Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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