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It's always a pleasant surprise to see a video slot that pays homage to a particular ethnic group or demographic. In Microgaming's Totem Treasure video slot game, the Native American Indian is honored through the use of graphical representations of Indian artifacts and rituals. To that end, the game screen comes across as very majestic, which is a great way to honor the American Indians who paid such a big price as settlers moved west.

Totem Treasure is non-progressive video slot played with 5 reels and 5 pay lines. Players are limited to wagering one coin per spin with a selected coin value ranging from $.01 per pay line at a minimum with a maximum coin value of $5 per pay line. That makes the per spin cash outlay $25 dollars a spin at the high end of the range. With a maximum jackpot of 12,000 coins, the game's largest possible jackpot calculates out to be a decent $60,000.

The game's low paying symbols are portrayed by icons such as native dream-catchers, peace pipes, Indian squaws, teepees, ritual bonfires and bald Eagles, plus playing card number 10 through the Ace. The Indian squaw serves as the game's primary wild symbol. It can be used as a substitute for any of the other symbols, excluding the game's scatter symbol, which is represented by the Bald Eagle.

The scatter's only function is to provide large multipliers. If the player lands three scatters, they win a 40X multiplier followed by a 1000X multiplier for four scatters and a game high 12,000X for five scatters. There are no other bonus features available.

Verdict: The game theme matters. Native American Indians are deserving of any recognition they get because of the suffering they have endured over more than 140 years. The problem with this game is it feels like unfinished business. Microgaming neglected to add in bonus features such as free spins, gambling games and interactive bonus games.

Without any of those things included, Totem Treasure comes off feeling like a glorified classic slot game with a few video features thrown in for entertainment purposes. This is not the kind of game Microgaming fans have come to expect. Some forgiveness can be given due to the advanced age of the game, but it doesn't change the fact the game is going to have limited appeal for players who like games that allow them to stay involved at all times.

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