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When it comes to online casino games, specifically video slots, innovation holds the key to success. At Microgaming, the game developers are not afraid to think outside-the-box. The game Triangulation is a perfect example of the steps the company is willing to take to innovate and provide something new. Players will note this is not an arcade style game. It is considered a slot game despite its unusual format.

Triangulation has a space age feel with its neon colors and unique game format. At first, players might find the game a bit confusing. Over time, they will get used to the strange format and begin to enjoy the experience of playing something other that a standard video slot game. This is a non-progressive game with a simple game=play process.

The Format

The gaming field is contained within a triangle with one spot at the top, followed by three spots in the next row, five spots in the third row and seven spots in the last row. The objective of the game is to land four or more adjacent triangles of the same color.

There are eight different colors of triangles, each with its own multiplier as follows: gray - .1X, purple - .2X, blue - .8X, violet - 1.2X, green - 2.5X, yellow - 4X, orange - 5X and red 10X. The red triangle also serves as a wild symbol that can be used to create additional winning spins. There is also a bonus symbol, which comes into play when any of the colored triangles appear with a circle in the middle of it. The betting range for each spin is $.01 at a minimum, up to a maximum of $50.00 based on a coin value of $1.

Triangulation casino game
Preview of Triangulation casino game

Bonus Features

Even without the requisite scatter symbol, Triangulation comes with two bonus features that are designed to give the player more ways to win more money. The first bonus feature is a kind of cascading feature initiated on a random basis. After the initial spin, several triangles will disappear, only to be immediately replaced by other triangles. This could create addition winning combinations. Payouts are made on any combinations realized with the original spin as well as the ones created after the new triangles appears.

The second bonus feature is initiated when three or more bonus symbols (triangle with a circle inside) appear anywhere on the triangular matrix. When that occurs, the player is given the opportunity to change any three triangles to wild symbols, which is sure to create a number of other winning combinations.

Verdict: While this game might not be geared towards high rollers that like big potential payouts, players at every level should find this game to be a breath of fresh air. It's not a complicated game, but it can get a little confusing at times. With that said, players will eventually get the hang of the game, especially after getting a chance to play the bonus game. The bottom line is it is nice to see that Microgaming cares enough about its customer base to keep going to the drawing board and coming up with new ideas.

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