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Bonus Bowling


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Bonus Bowling by Playtech is a random numbers game dressed up as a bowling game. Your objective is to guess how many pins a virtual bowler will knock down during a single frame.


Bet amounts range from $0.10 to $100 when betting 0-3, 4-6, 7-9 or a spare. When betting a strike, bet amounts range from $0.10 to $25. The game does allow you to set multiple bets per frame, which means that the maximum overall bet is $425. Players can hedge their bets by wagering on multiple possibilities but that comes at the cost of a diminished win potential.

Clicking the yellow Throw button begins the game. The virtual bowler will throw the ball, and the round will end if a strike is thrown. If a second throw is required, the virtual bowler will roll again. Keep in mind that wagers are made on the total score, so if the virtual bowler knocks down three pins on throw one and five pins on throw two, then you win if you placed a bet on 7-9.

Special Features

Each possible bet has a distinct chance of occurrence and payout amount:

0-3 has a 42.6 percent chance and pays out x2
4-6 has a 28.4-percent chance and pays out x3
7-9 has a 17.04-percent chance and pays out x5
Spare has a 8.56-percent chance and pays out x10
Strike has a 3.4-percent chance and pays out x25
Additionally, any frame has a one-third chance of being a golden frame. If a strike is thrown during a golden frame, the player wins 10 times his stake regardless of what he bet on.

Graphics & Audio

The bowling sound effects sound like the real thing, and that definitely adds to the immersion. The graphics and art style are adequate, and the animations help to keep things lively.


The highest jackpot is available when the player bets $100 on a spare, which pays out $1,000. Keep in mind that when a player bets $25 on a strike and gets a strike on a golden frame he wins $625 for the winning bet and $250 for the bonus for a total of $875. The difference in total return between the five bet options is marginal, but spare does win out at a hair above .969, so that is your best bet.


Bonus Bowling is worth experiencing at least once or twice. However, once you have worked out the mathematics, which we have done for you above, there really is not much to it.

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