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Upon seeing the slot game title Bulls Eye, one would most likely be left wondering what the overall game theme might be. As it turns out, Microgaming developed this game in honor of one of Europe's favorite bar games, darts. In fact, the game's mascot and wild symbol are represented by a dart player eyeing his target. It's a sure bet players won't see many games that use darts as a central theme.

Bulls Eye is a classic slot with a standard 3-reel, 1 pay line game format. All coin values are $1.00 with 1 to 3 coins allowed to be wagered per spin. If the player bets 3 coins and hits the game's largest payout of 5,000 coins, they take home what some would consider a disappointing sum of $5,000.

Bulls Eye uses typical pub machine symbols, which seems befitting when one considers that the game theme is in fact a popular pub game. The exact symbols and the associated payouts from the highest paying pay table are listed as follows: any one cherry returns 3X, any two cherries returns 6X, three cherries returns 12X, any three bars returns 18X, three single bars returns 30X, three double bars returns 120X, three triple bars return 240X and the dart playing wild symbol returns the big jackpot of 5000X.

Since the dart player also serves as a wild symbol, there are additional payouts available with the wild involved. Any winning spin that includes one wild earns a 2X multiplier while any winning spins with two wilds involved earn a 4X multiplier. If the dart playing wild should appear anywhere on the third reel, the player is taken to a secondary screen for the purpose of playing a bonus game.

The bonus game is built around a dart board that the player spins one time, revealing an instant win with a maximum value of 1,000 coins. The bonus game is only available on spins where the player has wagered all three coins.

Verdict: The dart playing theme is the only thing that makes this game somewhat unique. While Bulls Eye might be popular as a pub machine sitting in a pub, it just doesn't seem to play as well on the Internet. The bonus feature and wild symbol are nice little additions, but the lack of potential for decent jackpots serves to be a real turnoff for experience players who are looking for as much value as possible from the money they are willing to invest on gaming.

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